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I went to a show in Goldsboro, NC locally where I live and the salesman started to steer me towards a laptop that I completely was not sure about to start with. He told me that it was a duel processor which had only been in a store as a display model and had never been used before. He had a paper in front of computer which indicated 3 year warranty. He also put on my receipt that I received a wi-fi cord with my purchase. Then he told me that he would download windows XP for free. First of all the computer is a refurbished one and not brand new nor a display, 2nd the paper receipt they want to get you to sign and initial really doesn't say what they tell you. Later on I really read the thing and it stated only 3 year technical support (no warranty). Next it states that I have accepted it "as is". There is no way that I understood that to be the case. The salesman flat out lied(his name is John). Nothing he told me was the truth. My rights have been violated and my money practcially stollen from me under my nose. They want to get you in and hurry up and get you out before you realize anything is wrong. Then you cant really do anything about it because YOU signed and YOU initialled. What a JOKE! I spent my hard earned money (as a single mom) for a piece of crap that don't even have any programs (like he told me that he was going to download on it). I can't get on the internet because he left the wi-fi cord out of my box and now I have a used laptop that is out of date with not programs and no wi-fi connections. I can not use this computer nor can I go back to exchange because they are gone now. This is a total humiliation and violation of my rights and it is like they have permission to rob you without a gun! They should be investigated. I will be reporting to the better business burear and state attorneys office. Please stay away!!!


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