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Compressed air / cant purchase

1 CO, United States

I recently went to walmart to purchase some compressed air. I need to clean out my computer of dust. And unfortunately i left my ID at home, no biggie, after all i was just purchasing a can of air. But no you can just purchase a can of air without an ID or if you are under the age of 18 (which i am long since been.) Apparently walmart believes that every purchase of canned air is not used to clean out electronics like it is designed to do but instead used to get huff. It is also apparent that if you are over the age 18 walmart will sell you a can of air to huff, because apparently walmart believes there is not other possible use for this product. I think that walmart should also ID for pencils because they are only used for stabbing devices or pillow cases and soup cans because they can be bludgeoning tools... I HATE that I am assumed to be using very real products for criminal intent. This doesnt not stop huffers this is only to train the dumb down public to present papers at the command of a private corporation. I will not be treated this way and I will NEVER SHOP at walmart again I promise you that. They lost a 5 dollar sell and a customer for life... they can stick that in a bag and HUFF IT!


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