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Someone used my information to order Acai Burn in March of this year. I called them and resolved the situation when I saw the charge on my statement. Apparently it also came with a membership to Comprehensive Weight Loss, but it took me about 5 months to notice this because it was only about $10/month. When I did realize, I sent an email and was answered with the cancellation number. I called the number, got to an agent, and explained my situation. He asked my name and I gave it to him. He said for some reason it wouldn't come up and he could pull it up by email, address, phone number, or zip code. I gave him my email since I discovered the charge through an email confirmation. He told me that he could cancel the subscription, but could not refund any of my money. I told him that was unacceptable and, having worked as a supervisor in a call center myself, asked to speak with a supervisor. After about 10 mins the supervisor- John W. - came on the line. He said that he had worked on fraudulent accounts before and that if the account was fraudulent the information on the account wouldn't match up with mine...but since his agent had already verified my information such as address, phone number etc. that it must be my account. I told him that the agent had done no such thing and that the only information that I had given him was my name and email address. This went back and forth for a minute with him insisting that I had verified information that I had not until he flat out called me a "###ing liar". Those were his exact words. I finally gave him my real address which, ofcourse, was in a completely different state than what they had. He did eventually give me the credits (or so he said-we will see :)), but I am still in shock over the whole experience. It must be really tought to get employment at a company that only requires you have enough schooling to learn profanity. What's that today, like 3rd grade? Just wanted to share. I'm sure that my situation is not out of the ordinary for such a company.

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  • Ma
      Dec 08, 2008
    comprehensive weight loss - webaccess
    United States

    I did not authorized this membership with WUYI TEA, and I have canceled that memebership as well.

    My credit card has been notified as well, I am fighting these charges

    Mark E. Button

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  • Le
      Jul 26, 2009
    comprehensive weight loss - fraud
    Insiders secrets tips

    I have been charged different amounts of money each month as a fee for a so called membership that I don't want & never agreed too. I have not signed anything so why are they allowed to take my money without my concent. I purchased some Acaiburn tablets from the internet and have since stoped that order. Now they are still taking this membership money for no reason. I get nothing for this money so WHY is it allowed to happen???? Please help me get them to stop taking my hard earned money.

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  • Tr
      Aug 12, 2009

    I had the exact experience. Someone had requested this product on my behalf using my CORRECT information; therefore, they said it must have been me, and I must not have remembered back in April when "I" ordered it. I would NEVER have ordered from such a bogus company, Acai Vas Diet Chews. I have been charged over 300 dollars and they refuse to refund it. Luckily, my bank has offered to step in and retrieve the money back from the company for irresponsible business practices. We'll see what happens. And yes, the man on the other end was used to receiving calls such as this. He knows just as I that his company is involved in fraudulent activity. You can tell he has heard my story before. Very insensitive to my situation and completely ignorant of common business practices. I hope this company burns.

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  • La
      Aug 17, 2009
    comprehensive weight loss - Charges
    United States

    I have never heard of this company but they have been taking auto withdrawls of $7.14 from my checking account for 3 months.

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