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Complaint Site / Allows for false claims and does not delete them

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This company is a scam company. They allow people to degrade you, humiliate you, demean you, and make false claims about you, which can inturn ruin your reputation. They are business that allows this so they can make money off you clicking on the google links or by you hiring them to supress this information. Somehow, they are above the law, nobody is allowed to sue them and win, somehow they are allowed to have any stranger with no creditablility to post remarks about you. The remarks are more often lies made out of hate and more often not true at all. Anyone can post under a fake name, fake address, and fake details and make fake remarks about a consumer just as this site. Then they post the remarks and your reputation is damage forever, because they refuse to delete info based on business cohersion. They should be more like the BBB where you can defend yourself and they have to prove their complaint to be valid. [redacted].com is a scam website designed to screw over the small guys and allow the big boys to pay their way off the site. You can not believe a word people say on the site for complaints, they are written in haste, unproven and not always true. If you want to make a fake report about any company you can use this site and they won't delete it so as they can then make money off the company that has the complaint against. They are an evil business and it is all about money to them, they make money off the us and rely on people to make false claims to do it. Do not believe everything you read on their site, do not support their evil ways and do not use them. Long time ago running a black book was deemed illegal but the USA government is on this guys side for some reason. [redacted] is a scam and they scamming you for your money based on phoney claims by phoney people.


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