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Compass Dodge / Fraud and deception

1 Orange, NJ, United States Review updated:

My wife and myself were clearly deceived and lied to by Compass Dodge as well as being very dissatisfied with the dealership itself.
This company advertises on and posted a vehicle for sale for $6995.00. When we drove to the very dirty town of Orange we found the dealership in dissaray. The place looked like it should be knocked down and all the cars were crammed in one little lot.
Anyhow we decided on the car and when the salesman who could barely understand english brought over the paperwork there was suddenly $2995 added to the price.
Apparently they hide the fact that you get the price stated online if you put down the $ 2995 they cleverly hide in the Sellers notes in mid paragraph where most people don't even read.
This is fraud, deception, and misleading the public. After blowing my top on the salesroom floor they tried to tell me that how they advertise isn't fraud it is "creative advertising."
I warn anyone considering doing business with these crooks. Stay away because if they have to lie and deceive to get consumers in the door what else are they hiding or lying about?

Tom C
Newton, N.J.

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  • Co
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    I fully agree, the place is a dump...i was interested in a vehicle as a gift for my son, I went to look at it on a Saturday, May 2, in the morning as soon as they opened up, took it for the customary test drive, agreed on a purchase prie, agreed on what needed to be done to the car to be ready for pick up onthe agreed date of May 6th as I travel for work and was heading to Harrisburg PA. On May 2nd, Monday evening at 4:35 pm Hector Colon calls my cell phone and informs me that I "have to pick up the car today or they are going to sell it to someone else". Obviously confused by that, Marie a supposed sales mamager get on the phone and tells me that they are going to sell the car by the end of the noght and I "HAD" to drive 3 1/2 hours (unplanned) or they wouldn't honor the deal. Some other sleazy manager got on the phone and i explained everything, even offering to add an extra $2500 to my deposit, His reply was "you have no idea how many people don't show up after they leave a deposit" and "i'm in the business of selling cars, not being accomodating". And if anyone questions the accuracy of this, I have it recorded...So, i drove the 3 1/2 hours to get the car, the paperowrk for these illiterate slobs took over an hour for a cash simple...just like them...Now comes getting the plates and registration...Today is June 8th and I finally got the plate, after 2 temp plates expired...again...they have no business follow-up and care for the customer...Now i am looking for the refund of the "estimated" title and reg. fees of $240 which actually ame to $63.50. "Judy" tells me that they go out once a month and i"ll have to wait intul the end of June, and when she bought her car at Samsone (Toyota) i think that it took them 3 months...why would the finance person of a $300 million dollar dealership buy her car at Samsone, other that these idiots can't get anything right. There is more than one way to get the refund, simply dispute the charges on my MC for the amount I have the leverage...and I will go out of my way to inform everyone i know, and if possible, lots that i don't know, about the terrible customer service and poor treatment and rt hole of a dealership this is. No wonder they are on the list of dealerships not being renewed by Chrysler. It should be on the top of the list...even better, i may contest the overcharging on 2 credit cards as I used one the fort day, and one when i was forced to drive 7 hours needlessly to purchase this car...I should send them a bill for my time! and if they don't pay it, put a lein on their business. If you can't tell by now, I am really angry and disgusted with these losers...more to follow...

  • Co
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    Right on !!!

  • Na
      15th of Apr, 2015
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    I drove to this dump from Suffolk, VA. They changed the price they had online and added about 3 thousand to it. This was a Honda Pilot crammed into a locked down lot. They didn't advertise the big dent in the side and that the radio was somewhere other than inside this vehicle! The sale person spoke very little English and was very rude! They were more worried also about getting their breakfast order together than talking about selling me a car! I know if Forbes did a top 10 on worst cities in America Orange, NJ would lead the list!!

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