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Compaq / Hewett Packerd / Crappy repair and botched tech support

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Hewett Pakard
Laptop 3 months old screen goes blank. Call tech support get someone that barely speeks english. After 1 hour of explaining that the lcd or inverter is bad ( works with external monitor) He makes me repeatly do stupid things. So finally it goes in for service. I get my laptop back 2 weeks later they reseat the ram. SCREEN STILL DEAD. Call tech support explained issue went thru same troubleshooting got feed up and asked to speak to manager. Got escalated and convinced me to send into service again. In for service get an email stating it will take 2 weeks already been waiting a week. Call esclation line spoke with a guy name Tony tells me he cant do anything for me due to mike being my first escalation guy and he would get him to call me back. Next day no call. Following day laptop come back to me still no call from Mike. Opened box and laptop looks as if a school of 5 graders were given a screwdriver to it. So I booted it up for Sh### and grins wow it works. So i call escalation back and Toni is out on breivement due to death in family well im fed up with it and say escalate it to his manager ive had it with this. So karen get on and tells me she cant do anything due to tony having notes. would have to get Tony to call me when he gets back in. Told her thats not good enough she needs to do something with it. States she would read the notes and call me back still no call back the following day. Called they left message for her. Company is nothing but backwood wann be pc techs, Repair department is a bunch of 5th graders, And escalation department is a bunch of Chimps that jerk your chain with the i cant handle it scam.. If you feel like voicing your opinion on this please feel free to call [protected] Use extension 08 and ask for Karen. She is supposdly the escalation depts boss...So on 4/02/09 tried to call her one more time and guess what gone for the day. Asked to speak to her managaer and guess what he doesnt get on the phone nor take emails or anything. So who do you turn to THE WEB fed up with this company and the run around. My case number is [protected] my email address is tquick17@cox.net is there any legal recourse????


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A  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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4/3/09 still waiting on call from Karen the escalation supervisor...
N  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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No call 12:300 est so im trying to contact her again. This is in regards now to the system looking second hand and being scratched by what looks like a group of 6 year olds with screwdrivers. They however did fix the video issues. Please also note that each time i call in to get a hold of Karen i request that they document it in my account. This round im informed that i had the wrong case number and that the messages never got to her. Again she is unable to answer the phone number new case number is 7500867723 wish me luck on these attempts to get anything resolved
N  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Ok at 2 Est i get a call couldnt get to phone. At 4pm est he called back wasnt karen but Tony. Apologized about taking so long to get back to me due to family passing. Sorry to hear that but in my world the buisness doesnt stop for one person. So he tries to get me to send it in to get the cover replace are you fn kidding me!!! I eplained 2 times its been in both times for the same issue. Now the toddlers in the repair facility thought it was deface someones laptop day and you want me to send it back in ROFL what a joke. I kindly told him thats not going to happen i explained i want a new laptop im done playing with this and have been since the first return. Told me its going to be next week on tuesday before they can get back with me to give me an offer and it could take up to 2 weeks to get it to me. Nice threat really thats going to persude me to send my laptop back into the chimps to fix and send back to me in 2 weeks anyways real scary. No telling what shape it would come back in. So if you send your laptop in dont settle for it coming back looking like it was played with by the chimp squad.
Ill keep you posted with furhter events. ALSO KAREN STILL WONT CALL ME BACK nice pass off tactics. Be very persistent with this company If you purchase their stuff the equipments no bad if it doesnt break and the customer service, tech support, escalation dept, Escaltion manager Karen is a Laughing Joke Lots of run around for something that should have been taken care of long ago.
A  18th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Hey tquick, sorry to hear your problesm. I'm having the same problems as you. Three months after purchase my Pavillion notebooks keeps randomly crashing and shutting down or goes into sleep mode and does not wake up. I sent it in for repair because I couldn't get it to start. Instead of repairing, they erased all of my data and reimaged the hard drive. I run a photography business and it completely destroyed my business. All of my pictures, accounting, and customer information...GONE. AND to make matters worse, the problems I was experincing were not fixed. I called my so called "case manager" four times who is always at lunch or out of the office. I sent five letters to the executives of HP. A week later someone called to tell me that they didn't think Eric did anything wrong becuase he added a note to my file that he missed my calls and left me a message. (He called and left a message on my answering machine but disconnected the call just as he was going to leave his telephone number". So anyway, this person who called said that it did not matter if I wrote the CEO, Eric was the only person at HP that I could speak with. She then stated that she was going to transfer me to Eric. However, it was another rep that took the call to tell me Eric was out for the day and for me to leave a message. It's been a week and Eric has yet to return my call. As it stands, I still have a defective computer and the time on my warranty keeps ticking away.

I don't know what computer you have but there is a class action lawsuit against HP for defective Pavilion computers. It's time to consult an attorney or two!

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