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Compaq CQ50 Laptop / Sent for repair for same issue 4 times

1 United States

I purchase a Compaq CQ 50 laptop in June 2008 and I have had nothing but problems with the laptop and company. First the power adapter pin was loose so I had to get it fixed, I sent it in to be repaired. When I received it back I worked for a while then for some reason it still wouldn’t charge so I returned it again to get repaired. They also told me they would send a new charger because it possibly could be the AC adapter. They sent me the AC adapter and told me to send back the old one it was my mistake because I sent the new one back in error then they said they would send a new one back and after not receiving it for a month I called and they said it was sent but I never received it. When I received my laptop back from repair it powered on but every time I moved it would power down the only way I could use it if I kept it perfectly still on a flat surface so once again I call in and send it back for repair. Now I just received it back after almost a month and the other times I sent it back it took about 2 weeks for repair. Now I tried to use my computer it worked but it wasn’t fully charged so once the battery went dead I plugged it up to the charger and tried to turn it on and there was nothing just a black screen I could hear the windows chine when it comes on but no picture. So I attempt to turn power off and turn back on it did the same thing no picture so then I attempt once more and when I tried to turn on it wouldn’t power on at all. I called in followed some trouble shooting to see if it would come on but it wouldn’t so unfortunately i will be sending it back in to COMPAQ for repair once more. Im very knowledgeable when it comes to technology and computers so I know it’s nothing that I could be doing to mess the computer up I Just wish they had a better repair service. These situations with the problems of the computer have brought me nothing but stress and irritation. I was going to use my computer to take online classes but due to the lack of service ad time it keeps taking me to get my computer repaired over and over again I cant rely on this laptop and I wouldn’t be able to take the online classes with out a personal computer/laptop. Also my brother used it for educational purposes for his school. And the laptop was used for business purposes also which was unable to do business online due to all the time have to send back for repairs over and over again and each time only able to use computer for a couple hours before it messes up

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