Company Semi-Truck Driverstruck [protected]/12/2018 @8:00am

This complaint is about this truck driver not so much about the company. I am just fearful if I do not report this then this will happen to other car drivers on the interstates. Luckily there was no accident in these incidents but if I was not a defensive driver, or someone that had just started driving this might be a different story. Truck [protected]/12/2018 @8:00am

Starting on interstate 64 in Illinois next to Collinsville heading towards St. Louis there was one of your Semi- Trucks that was in the center lane. I passed this semi on the right-hand side (not the fast lane) going 65mph (which is the speed limit there) but with no blinker or indication that the driver was heading over into my lane. The truck driver got over halfway in my lane and I was driving on the side of the road. The truck only got over after my car went over the rumble strips. Then he got back over to middle lane. This driver never moved over to the very right lane of the interstate. That was the first incident with this driver.

Further down the road, the speed limit changes from 65 to 55 then 55 to 50 right in front of the gateway on/ off ramp. I am slowing down for the speed limit, the semi never slows down from the original speed of 65. Then he tailgates me because I was not going fast enough for him. Again speed limit still 50. Then after 30 seconds or so of this semi taligating me then he starts flashing his lights. Basically saying still not going fast enough, again speed limit is still 50. I would have gotten over if I could but there were only two lanes open right before the construction zone for the poplar/MLK bridge. The truck only slows down after we make it halfway through the construction zone.

Is going over the speed limit in construction zones or not paying attention to speed limits changes, tailgating, and slight road rage a company policy? I just want to know how this can be if the law states otherwise for all other drivers. CDL's from my knowledge has a stricter set of rules since the trucks that they drive are the biggest type of vehicle road legal.

Again I am not upset at the company for one person's actions. I am upset because if this was someone else in these situations the outcome could be very different and possibly even deadly. Hopefully, my reach out will express my concern for this driver.

Dec 12, 2018

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