Compalin Regarding Illegal construction and moulding the MCD Pipe / Illegal Construction

Dear Sir,

I am a widow lady resides in 52-B Pocket-B Dilshad Garden Delhi-95 in Ist Floor and in the ground Floor 52-A who resides there had made an illegal room and in this course of acti0n they have moulded the MCD pipe by which the rain water which comes in flow from above Two Flats come inside my house in the backyard they have also done the same thing they have moulded the pipe and the water entered from the kitchen also. I am an old lady of 80 years and helpless in this rainy season . I try to talk to them but they don't listen and tell me to keep my mouth shut.

Please help me in this regards as the construction they have made is illegal which is causing problem to me and its an health hazard also as the water may cause dengue.

Vidya Anand

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