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Community Marketing Solutions / Terrible experience

1 6302 Fairview Rd.Charlotte, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 704-367-3432

Sooo... I recently graduated college and posted my resume online. I've received a few calls and the first interview I went on was with CMS. Went well, they asked me back hours later for the 'observation interview', and I set something up for the following week. Wow, this job search thing is easy, huh? Anyway, I went on 2 other interviews since that first day and I must say the experience is quite different. Structured, organized, serious...I haven't heard back yet but that doesn't surprise me from a professionally-run company. I went back today for my 2nd interview and felt slightly uneasy all day but didn't quite know why...

It's good I have a sense of humor because I find it comical how similar the descriptions I have just read are to my afternoon. I entered the office for my 12:30pm interview and was greeted by an eerily-cheery receptionist who was jamming out to Dave Matthews and other varied 90s rock. As I waited in the lobby I listened to her place call after call (at least 6) to other 'candidates' as she continued to ask them back for 2nd interviews; giving them the same spiel I had received the week earlier. Through the office door I heard the 'team' getting fired up for a day's work as they recited chants and yelled a bunch... weird but fun-sounding i guess. I was paired off with a 'sales executive' (19-year old kid who dropped out of college because this is such a great career opportunity [so sad]).

We went on quite an adventure in the rain. I asked why they didn't just call it off during ### weather and he claimed he often got 'pity sales'. Cool, i guess... Maybe I'm just a good guy but I wanted to go home after an hour but my conscience told me not to ### up this kid's sales for the day, he's trying to make a living. I probably should have, he made 1 'sale' for $17 and definitely spent way more in gas.

I got back for my final interview @ 7:30pm. I thought it was going to be with the 'president' Shaun but instead I was put in an office with Erica again. That was cool with me because Erica is sexy as hell. Sorry folks, I'm a bottle of wine deep at this point so you're going to hear how I really feel :) We made what I thought was great conversation about how the day went, then she offered me a job. I was honestly awestruck. Really? Already? Really? It didn't feel right at all. She was smiling yet I did something I've never done to a beautiful woman before: 'I really have to think about it.' Straight up rejected that foxy broad. I walked out wondering why, but I just knew something wasn't right about how things went all day. I went home to think about things and was going to call back in the morning.

Long stories can always be made short. I failed to accomplish that and all my cynicism comes from retrospect. But I knew there was a reason I decided to question what had happened and look into it deeper on the internet (oh how I will never doubt thee).

My conclusion: it's a decent job for anyone trying to make something out of little past opportunity. This situation allows hard work and personality to breed success without consideration of any past achievement. For me as a recent college grad, the recruitment was highly misleading and I'm glad I saw through it. However, I will still call back tomorrow. I think I'm going to try and set up lunch with Erica to discuss my 'employment opportunities'. I may as well try to get something out of my time... if y'all could see a pic you'd see why :)

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  • Da
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    So you thought something was fishy and wrote this whole page leading up to nothing ? ? ? what did you find out was fishy ? ? ? what did you see through ? ? ? how many people did you meet ? ? ? I dont think you have any room to be posting negative feedback on that company considering you didn't even try it for one thing. . .

  • Li
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Thank you for the warning. I am so glad I researched this company before I wasted my time!!!

  • Bi
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    Thank you for the warning. I recieved a call that someone wanted to meet about an "account executive position"? I have over 5 years experience with a Fortune 500 company. Is this a waste of my time? Sounds like it.

  • My
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    "Elevation", formerly know as "Fp. Marketing", formerly known as "JK Marketing", formerly known as "Community Marketing Solutions", and a subsidiary of CYDCOR.

    They have a VERY high turnover rate. Shaun Hogan/Malcom Elavia are the owners, Bhavin Joshi is the Executive Director and Shenna Bryant usually handles all the interviews/call backs/job postings. Job is 100 % Commission, Mon-Sat 10-13hr. workdays, door-to-door sales.

    If you have a car, that's a bummer because, you will most likely have to transport your co-workers, of which 92% do not have vehicles (oh, and no gas/food/expenses re-reimbursement) to the "territories" you are assigned for the day which may be 5miles or up to 35miles away.

    Refuse to transport them? Fired. Did not make the quota? Fired.

    Business, or "Field Trips" as they are called, consist of one week away from home, out of town or out of state, in a cramped hotel room with 4 (or sometimes more!) people in a 2-bed room. You are solely responsible your own food, gas and any other expenses. Again, you may need to transport your co-workers.

    You work in the blistering sun, pouring rain, gusty wind, and literally freezing rain. Refuse? Fired.

    But, if you're absolutely bored, loathe your existence and have money to burn, want a challenging experience with lots of competition, then, by golly, stock up on blister ointment, sun block, Theraflu, and Extra Strength Tylenol (for all those blasted co-worker induced headaches), and RUN, not walk, with resume in hand, to Elevation. Boy, do they have the perfect position for you.

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