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Community Based Services / Scam

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First off, I'm not just one of those bad people who aren't getting food stamps who are mad about it. I was done wrongly, very wrongly. The majority of the case workers I have had have always done good on my food stamp cases, Kristin and Terany. Then I get a new one Sheri. First off, I never received a letter in the mail stating I needed to turn in my proof of income, and I didn't expect it because I just had an appointment a month before hand where I ALREADY turned my stuff in. We are on a temporary case, I have only been getting food stamps for 6 months, it's not like I'm a liar scam artist who has been living off them my whole life. My husband and I divorced and I was left with nothing but to care for my daughter on my own without any child support or help. I'm also a 24 year old college student trying to make something of our life.


So I call on the 4th like I always do to make sure my food stamps are in and they aren't! I called my case worker and couldn't get a hold of her for 2 days. Finally when I did she said I needed to turn in my income. (Why didn't they call me or try to get a hold of me and tell me?) So I took my income papers up there and turned them in. Two days goes by. No food stamps. I called my case worker, nothing. She couldn't take my call cuz she was out. I called for 3 more days and finally got ahold of her, she said everything looked fine she just needed to find time to put it into the computer. (Which takes about 15 minutes.) I asked her would I have them within a week? She said yes. A week later, still no food stamps. I call and she has the day off. How nice for her, she has a day off to relax while my daughter is eating saltines and peanut butter and has been eating saltines for 48 hours because we have nothing else while she is probably going to enjoy a nice meal tonight.

This is the worst caseworker I have ever had. If it was Kristin or Terany I would've had my food stamps within a couple days after turning in my paperwork. It is almost Christmas and we won't have anything to eat and are going to be sick and hungry BECAUSE MY CASEWORKER DOESNT CARE ABOUT ANYONE.

Hire better people, or get your stuff in order HENDERSON, KENTUCKY because this is ridiculous!!! If these workers "dont have time right now" to do their jobs then you better hire more people!! Because when I asked her if I would have my food stamps by the end of the week she said "Yes, but I don't have time right now to do it but you should have them by the end of the week." In which case, I don't!


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