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Commonwealth Financial Systems / Refusal to produce proof of debt

1 245 Main Street, Dickson City, PA, United States

This company has contacted me about 2 months ago about a $4000 debt I supposedly owed on a credit card opened in 2001, which went delinquent in 2002. I had NO credit cards at this time, and have told them this. They then just quote my social security number back to me, which I confirm, and they say "Well it must be you". I ask them the name of the original debtor, they keep saying "FUSA Brands Free Cash", which is something I've never heard of, nor a company I can find anywhere on the internet. I have asked, both on the phone and in writing, for proof of the debt, and they keep telling me they don't have it, won't supply it, and that I need to "pay my bill".

CFS Keeps saying that they owe the debt and are on my credit report, but I belong to a credit monitoring website, and run a report at least 2 times a month, and I have never seen Commonwealth Financial systems, nor any debt owed of that much money under any other entities name. I have since sent them yet another letter, stating that the SOL for debts owed in PA is 4 years, and even in NJ (where I currently reside) is 6 years and that the debt, even if it is mine, is Zombie debt. I have filed a complaint against them with both the FTC and the PA Attorney Generals office. If, and I'm sure when, they contact me again, I will be informing them of this matter, as well as making reference to the letter that I sent demanding VALIDATIOn (not verification) of the debt pursuant to the FDCPA.

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