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Commodore Falcon Auto / Faulty Parts/Abusive Owner

1 Perth Metro Area, Western Australia, Australia Review updated:

I bought an altenator from this wreckers in Malaga and installed it in my car. It worked for maybe 15mins of driving time before we broke down at the shops. I took my car to Auto Masters and had a service done and they advised me that the altenator was faulty. I rang the wreckers and explained when/what i bought and that it doesnt work. The guy, who i later found out was the boss's son, told me i could bring it back for a refund. I told him i couldnt not locate my receipt and asked if i would need it. He put me on hold, checked and told me he had a carbon copy of my receipt and i wouldnt need it. My partner travelled the 25min to get there to be told by the boss that he wouldnt refund it. I spoke to him on the phone while my partner was there and explained everything up to this point. He told me "I'm the boss and this is what i'm saying". He was rude and unreasonable the whole conversation.

I wrote a letter of complaint after that conversation and sent it off. The boss called me on my work phone yesterday;

ME: Hello Rebekah speaking
Mike: (said my last name)?
ME: Yes it is
Mike: This is Mike from Commodore Falcon Autos, i got your letter. I put it in the toilet and when i have a [censored] im gonna wipe my *ss with it.
ME: Thats no way to speak to a customer
Mike: You're not a customer, you're a [censored]ing pain in the *ss.

I hung up after that. That is the whole conversation, word for word. He called me at work just to abuse me.
Arrogant pig of an excuse for a man. Who says that, let alone ringing a chick at work just to hurl abuse?

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  • Co
      17th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This poor excuse of a person has'nt any functioning ears i explained to her boyfriend (a nice chap who should find himself another partner) that my young son spoke to her and was only trying to help her and myself. He doesnt work here and he answered the phone as i was busy. I Apologise for the incorect information given and asked if they could have a look for a reciept as i need it for taxation purposes. The intelectully impaired person who only gave him and i the tom tits because she does not listen. The boyfriend left with the knowledge that if they cant find the reciept, we would work something out as i dont and wont rip people off. I might add that it would have been nice to be given the opportunity to replace supposed faulty alternator with another before she bought a new one.
    What can i say about her letter other than it served a usefull purpose in my toilet as she has explained already.
    DOCEP rang me (even they thought she was a real piece of work) and i explained the situation to them and they told me that commodore falcon autos was within the law I also told them that if she hadnt been so difficult to deal with i would have worked something out with them when her boyfriend come in.
    So the lesson to be learned here everyone is keep your reciepts they are given so if there is a problem with what you have purchased you can prove purchase and swap it or obtain your money back.
    To the person without functioning ears i will glady donate the cost of the alternator to any charity you choose so let me know on this site NO DRIBBLE just the name of the charity!!!

  • Td
      22nd of Oct, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Assuming that you sell parts with a receipt. I don't think you even give out receipts. Maybe that is illegal too.

  • Ag
      23rd of Oct, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Seems like this guy is a smart-### who thinks that he can pull one over by portraying himself to be "genuine" aussie bloke. What a con!
    Lets' see if we can decipher his response.
    - You can look up the carbon copy of the receipt, but seeing that the customer doesn't have one, he decides to play the need for receipt for taxation purpose. He can easily get the customer to sign the refund on the carbon copy. Happens all the time.
    - He thinks he is funny by abusing the customer by calling her "person without functioning ears", "inellectually impaired person".
    - He is certainly opiniated and has the audacity of telling her boyfriend that he shoudl find himself another partner ... what is that to do with the complaint - a classic tactic to portary the customer as someone stupid.
    - I don't think DOCEP told him that "she was a real peice of work". Mike is lying over here. He wants to portray himself as "Poor Mike". Nice try!
    - Mike, you are never going to donate the money. Here's an advice, how about trying to help your customer. That would be a good start.
    From the above complaint, it is very clear that Mike didn't want to refund. He keeps referring that he was willing to work something out? You know the part was brought from your place, how about doing the right thing.
    He mentions DRIBBLE on the last line of the response ... may be you hear your own advice. The response was noting but a BIG DRIBBLE trying to pretend to be a genuine person. The fact remains that he is a con. FULL STOP.

  • Ov
      7th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Agreed! This 'Mike' couldn't even run a pizza shop let alone a car yatd. Customer service is everything and personality helps. Sounds like he has neither!!

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