[Resolved] Commercial Lending Corporation / Advance fee scam

5 9800 Mount Pyramid Ct Ste 400, Englewood, CO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 303-923-8200 706-636-5626

Submitted a commercial multi family loan through their representative Gary Olcha in Georgia. They produced a pretty extensive LOI. They required an upfront deposit after issuing the LOI to continue processing. The required deposit was wired per their instructions to Colorado and also paid for an appraisal. Two days before the date set for closing they ceased all communication and just plain refused to answer the phone or e-mail. Their "corporate office" is nothing but an executive office suite in Englewood CO answered by an automated system. Their supposed CEO, a Mike Kidwell, has refused to respond to multiple attempts to fix the situation. We were suposed to have closed on Dec 31, 2010 and have yet to hear anything from these people. They have ignored a demand for a refund of the fees. This is theft, just a classic advanced fee scam.


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      18th of Apr, 2011

    Have you heard back at all since you put up this post?

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  • Co
      25th of Apr, 2011

    Do not know the details but can assume you may have misrepresented your file and must take your dispute with a grain of salt since I am aware of CLC of Colorado and they are known in our industry as a "top tier" source of financing- also, you did not put your real name and company in the post. All banks and commercial lenders require deposits for third party reports and there is never a guarantee of funding (same as Chase, CITI, etc. and every other commercial lender). Commercial Lending Corporation has a sterling reputation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and a large following of experienced commercial mortgage brokers and bankers.

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  • Formal Rebuttal: Fraud Investigation Department of Commercial Lending Corporation – AKA CLC for false allegations of Advance Fee Scam. Abundance of Caution the forthwith will indicate CLC has been blackmailed and mislead to paying funds for an ineligible loan for removal of a false complaint.

    To Preface: It was discovered the complainant Mr. Fernando Martin of Commercial Loan Direct is a mortgage banker, whom had advanced knowledge of this loan and failed to disclose material facts and knew could never be completed or he would have done so as a mortgage banker himself, thus initially shielded himself by having presented the deal through a broker Mr. Benjamin Rincon owner of Abaco Mortgage and Paraiso, LLC both in cohesion.

    Also discovered was a cover up phone and fax numbers belonging to the Ecuadorian Consulate being used as their business communications center. There is reason to believe a link may exist which is being investigated. CLC will vigorously pursue this to a conclusion to clear its name and seek remuneration for damages. Reports are being generated to the economic crime unit and other regulatory authorities in this matter.

    The complaint states CLC ignored said brokers on the very Christmas Holiday week most lending institutions are closed. The President Mr. Mike Kidwell and the Underwriter Mr. Gary Olcha were in constant contact with all parties, as we have more data to support the below mention as conclusive proof of the complainants false and misleading allegations.

    Based on these facts and others still under investigation, CLC has asked Mr. Fernando Martin of Commercial Loan Direct and Mr. Benjamin Rincon of Abaco Mortgage of Paraiso, LLC to remove and or correctly state the facts. They at first denied it was them and then admitted they would remove if we funded this ineligible loan, then said they forgot how too delete the complaint.

    There are no authorities, no charges, no litigation, no wire or mail fraud, because CLC has committed no crime and the allegations were fabricated and never happened. The dates on the correspondence below will show CLC has always been in contact, but the deal was purposefully misrepresented, cleverly stalled and now the brokers want money to remove a false allegation. Who is the victim here? And who is the Scammer? You Decide!

    CLC has taken every precaution and treated all parties with respect, however over the course of time, have determined, that Mr. Martin and Mr. Rincon and companies, through misrepresentation, and enforcing duress, have caused monetary damage, not only to the CLC organization, but to the nationwide agents, whom collectively have lost transactions and income which Mr Martin, Mr Rincon so irresponsibly misrepresented in an internet complaint forum without seeking relief directly from CLC.

    The initial summary from the submission exhibited the subject as viable transaction, however, the two borrowers presented, were to have excellent credit and income, however, it turns out later, there was a pyramid scheme like structure, which there were actually several borrowers, that would need to qualify, and many had poor credit scores in the 500’s and many with little or no income. Note the two borrowers, with 700 credit scores as submitted were deceptive.

    This is the common theme from complainants. They delayed - Many months later underwriting is still waiting for documents today. Here is a string of emails herewith submitted as evidence of communications. Please note the dates as the brokers continued to work with CLC despite issuing a complaint in late December 2010. The delay from late December to late February was due to the brokers delays in furnishing documents and they feel off the map until they made contact with CLC in February 2011.

    See below factual evidence of email communications.
    The email below proves they were informed the loan takes 45 to 60 days to close. It also shows the President Mr. Mike Kidwell giving instructions to withdrawal / cancel the transaction on December 04, 2010 as no lender can close a transaction without documentation and especially during a holiday were most services in the financial sector are shut down. It is apparent by the date of communications; they agreed to risk a late closing, against our advice.

    From: Gary Olcha [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 2:47 PM
    To: fernando.[protected]
    Cc: [protected]
    Subject: RE: LOI attached response by GAO
    1. Asset is older than what is typically underwritten for MF bridge loans under our program.
    2. Assets built after 1990 typically qualify for the bridge loan.
    3. Bridge loan under this program takes 45-60 days to close. Your transaction must close by year end.
    Mr. Kidwell, our President and CEO has advised me via telephone call this morning to withdraw the offer effective Tuesday Noon.
    Sorry we cannot be of any further assistance to you but your requirements are not reasonable in keeping with your asset classification. So you know my activity on this loan asset, I spoke with 6 national bank lenders 3 of which are domiciled in Ga, 5 credit unions including 3 from Ga and 4 Insurance companies we act as table funding correspondents for on your transaction.
    The only two quotes for this asset were pursuant to the loan terms and conditions I quoted you in the LOI.

    The below email indicates their willingness to move forward in lieu of a closing date past 12/31/2010.

    --- On Sat, 12/4/10, Fernando Martin < fernando.[protected] > wrote:
    From: Fernando Martin < fernando.[protected] >
    Subject: RE: LOI attached response by GAO
    To: "'Gary Olcha'" <[protected]>
    Cc: [protected]
    Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 10:55 AM
    I don’t feel like it was a waste of time, but prior to moving forward we just need to clarify a couple of points. I have been a commercial banker for over 14 yrs and I have always been very transparent with my clients; they just have questions that need to be addressed before committing and as a former banker yourself I’m sure that you’d understand. Please, help us:

    The below email shows: it took several months to obtain documentation, and CLC still doesn’t have docs requested as of this date. The borrowers were embarrassed by their bad credit and no income or low income. The structure was like a pyramid scheme.

    From: Benjamin Rincon [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 6:37 PM
    To: 'Gary A. Olcha CCRA'
    Cc: fernando.[protected]
    Subject: RE: Golf vista - update

    Gary, sorry for the delay, it has been tough getting all the parties involved to co-operate with the documentation required. Here is what I have so far, and I may have to send the attachments on separate e-mails.

    The email below proves as of March 1, 2011 CLC was still working on the loan.
    From: Gary A. Olcha CCRA [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 7:57 AM
    To: 'Benjamin Rincon'
    Subject: RE: Golf vista - update response by GAO
    Hi Ben
    Thanks for the data. We will process it this week. I should be getting back to you on Friday in the am.

    From: Gary A. Olcha CCRA [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 3:34 PM
    To: 'Benjamin Rincon'
    Cc: Tomas Sinisterra; fernando.[protected]; fernando.[protected]
    Subject: RE: Golf vista - update
    Thanks I await all of the information as set forth on the memo previously attached to my email to Fernando Martin earlier today. 1. It appears that Cardiff Ptree, LLC owns 25% of Evergreen Apartment Holdings, LLLP. This entity will be required to be a borrower including all Managers and any Members owning 25% or more of the entity. List of managers owning interests herein not yet received. Again requested January 26, 2011

    Conclusion of Facts: CLC to date is still engaged with the brokers to the conclusion of this file due to the borrowers reorganizing their structure. Our investigation of these facts has properly disputed the false allegation presented and hope the responsible brokers for this false allegation will take the proper action and retract and set straight this matter promptly.

    Internal Fraud Investigation Department
    Commercial Lending Corporation

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  • Wa
      1st of Jun, 2011

    Commercial Lending is a Advance Fee scam. Mike Kidwell stole $15, 000 from me. Commercial Lending solicited me to re negotiate my loan with the FDIC. Not only did his company lead me to believe they were actually negotiating with the FDIC, they collected all my financial data saying they were going to give me a loan. Neither of these things happened. After months of emails stating things were going well I got suspicious. I contacted the FDIC and found out they have never heard of or been contacted by this company. I called Mike Kidwell and he refused to give me a refund or send back my documents. Commercial Lending Corp's agreement said they would refund the money if they were unsuccessful. I have since found out that it is against the law in Colorado to accept a advance fee for a loan. I also found out that Mike Kidwell is not even a licensed mortgage broker. Please stay away from Mike Kidwell and his company. He is in business of taking your money using fraud and misrepresentation. Do not believe his explanation above. He is a con man who is not capable of telling the truth. He manufactured a crazy story about getting the FBI on one of his rogue brokers. If you have been ripped off by this guy contact me.

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  • 12
      2nd of Jun, 2011

    Huge scam, they sent my clients an LOI with a 5.5% rate, 10 year fixed... after weeks of being told everything was ok my clients became concerned and ended up having to go with the sellers lender, what we were never told is CLC was brokering the deal out after they couldnt do it inhouse (never disclosed what was going on) and the lender that was going to purchase the loan was offering a 7.5% rate that my clients would not have known about until closing. Huge bait and switch, they were able to get a 5.5% 5 year fixed with the local lender and close, but are still out the 2700 up front fee, and now CLC is making threats of suing my clients... Huge mistake using them, I am paying my clients back for some of the loss becuase CLC was never going to be able to deliver what was promised.

    Stay away from them

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  • Sa
      3rd of Feb, 2016

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  • Sa
      3rd of Feb, 2016

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  • Sa
      3rd of Feb, 2016

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      10th of Feb, 2016






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      10th of Feb, 2016

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nec nullam primis commodo ex. Primis commodo est ad, ei his mutat dicta posidonium, mel homero audiam gloriatur an. Vix habeo aliquip referrentur in, dolor praesent et nam, mel te fabellas expetenda elaboraret. Eum no alii ancillae, hendrerit eloquentiam et sit. An probo intellegebat usu, cibo officiis sententiae at duo.

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    Vis dico duis necessitatibus ei, eam suas omnium no, menandri moderatius ut sed. Putant timeam principes ne sit, ne iisque reprimique usu. Mea eu nostrum offendit reprehendunt. No esse delenit pro. Fierent consulatu mei at. Vim ornatus accumsan ad, brute zril vis in.

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  • Sa
      10th of Feb, 2016

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      11th of Feb, 2016

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      11th of Feb, 2016

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      11th of Feb, 2016

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      1st of Mar, 2016

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