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Commercial Investigations Inc. / took my money and will do the work

1 6311 van nuys bouleverd suit 441Van Nuys, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-230-1314

Teh talked ot me I sent them one account for 15, 000.00 to collect on they said they talked to the guy and that they needed to sue him. In order to do that they needed 2500.00 up front . I told them I did not have it. They made me a deal to pay 870.00 when service had been made on the guy. The got my bank account information and took out the 870 before they could even prepare any papers to file anything. Now they will not talk to me except the front person and will not call back like she suggests they will.


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  • An
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    The same thing happen to my husband and I, they harrased me for two days, they will call me every five minutes to get the upfront money which was $2, 000.00 and finally I felt so against the wall I ended up giving them the money, it was supposed to be for two cases of $1, 000 each and one of them after a year they told me that they coould not even go after because it was after the statue of limitation, and now they refuse to refund the money and they wont even talk to us, they hang up on us when we call. This company is a nightmare and they dont deserve to be in business, that is just one story about this company because they still have other accounts with us for over a year and they dont even call us to give us status, etc. DO NOT CONTRACT THIS COMPANY DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND AVOID FUTURE FRUSTRATION!!!

  • Co
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Commercial Investigations, Inc is a scam!. Yes this company is definetly a scam. I'm the owner of struggling electrical company. Were were originally a 30 man operation which has been cut down to 2. My wife and I first came into contact with these people at Commercial Investigations, Inc by way of a cold call to our office ( they asked to speak with the owner or controller). we placed a 20, 000+ debt with them and were eager to see the results they promised. After the weekend we got a call from a man named Jake that told us there was money in bank accounts for our debtor that needed to be frozen. He requested over $5000.00 in attorney fees and said he would freeze their accounts. relutantly we agreed to do so to try and save our company. 2 weeks later we got another call from "Jake" telling us another $4000.00 plus was needed in order to refreeze the acocunts! what a scam! We searched our cases online via the court website and didnt even find a case! we were had!

    I would be interested working with a law firm in Calfornia to bring action against this company and the attorneys they are in bed with. Any attorney that works for them should have his bar revoked.

  • Ta
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I to have been taken by "Jake" at CII, and am also a contractor. It is my understanding that "misrepresentation" meaning telling us that they are "looking into the debtors account" and they are "starting legal proceeding" is a crime in California. It is a crime and considered Grand theft. The problem, as I understand it, is getting your local law enforcement to believe it, and without voice recordings it's hard to prove what they say over the phone. As all of us have read there are numerous complaints about this company. I have read somewhere on the internet that someone did get their money back. But the Ventura county D.A.'s office currently has no jurisdiction over them. They were chased out of Ventura county at one point and back to L.A. county because of various law suits. There is small claims court, it would have to be in L.A. county if their contract states as such, but could be in your local county if they did not stipulate in their contract. In my case I did not even get a contract, I was promised it would be sent. They are definitely a scam, have nailed several small businesses over the years and have a history with the Ventura county D.A.'s office. Although it is expensive, a civil attorney may be the only way to get money back from these people. Purportedly the owner is a millionaire from these illicit activities. I too would be interested in being a co-patriot in getting my money back and ending the cycle of abuse this company has perpetuated. L.A. D.A. fraud unit (213) 580-3200

  • Jw
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I'm on the other side of the scam coin. I was a shareholder in a company that went bankrupt, with a supplier unfortunately caught in our company's downfall. It should be noted that I wasn't in Accounts Receivable. I was in Sales and Marketing, and I had no A/R control - and no signing authority.

    We got a call from CI, telling me that I was being held personally responsible for the debt to the supplier company. I tried to explain to them that they're flat-out wrong. Someone in Sales and Marketing, with no access or control over A/R for an LLC is not held personally responsible for the debt of a company that was closed 18 months ago.

    They, in effect, told me "they know" but our job is to "harass your ###", and that they'll call me twice a day until I pay them. "Them?" you mean the supplier? Nope. Money was to be sent instead of Commercial Investigations... Uh huh...

    But - I'm broke. I took no salary from the company, and took no compensation, and was left without so much as a dime.

    The supplier called and let me know that they'd "done some investigation and found that I had plenty of money hidden". Riiiiiight.

    Long story short, I explained to CI that they were barking up the wrong tree with both the supplier and with me personally - knowing my full legal rights.

    Well - the case has apparently been passed on to some more agressive commission folks who (this is true!) called the supplier company and told them that "they found my money, and that he'd better pay them thousands NOW in order to freeze that account before I move it!" They then informed the supplier company that I had sent them a check in September of 07 that went NSF (I've never sent them a damned thing, nor will I), and that I'd sent them another check in March, that went NSF.

    They have misrepresented themselves to the supplier - completely. They have lied through their teeth in regards to that supplier's rights. They have lied about the legalities in recovering money on behalf of a corporation from an individual who didn't even have signing authorty for A/R. They lied to the supplier about contact they've had with me, about my background, about my financial position, about communications... everything. It's been amazing.

    And yet, on the phone this morning, they've basically said "Don't be a f'ing deadbeat ###. You don't have to live your life as a loser. Just make us an offer. Do we lie to the clients sometimes to get you ### to pay up? Sure".

    I then told them that I'd recorded some of the calls we've had to which they responded "That s**t isn't going to hold up in court, and you and I both know that."

    My attorney has asked that we inform CI that the communication is recorded, which it will be.

    In the meantime, we're filing complaints along with affidavits to the County (L.A.) out of which they are currently operating.

  • Mi
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    Don't do buisness with these idiots. I am on hold right now with Amy who is supposedly the supervisor. Connie powers is also an idiot there who is in charge of new accouints. They stated that they would not settle any of my accounts and now they are flipping and telling me that they settled some of my collection accounts. I am sure that they are not on the up and up and will be filling a report with as many agencies as I can.

  • Js
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I'm a contractor and I was called by Jim Rifle to go after any bad A/R I had for 18%. I figured I would try it and submitted a claim for $20, 250.00. I dealt with Jim Rifle at first and then was passed on to Samantha Savage. They were very professional at first and very persistent to get the agreed upon $$ that we had worked out. I sent the $$ and have not heard a thing from them since that time, which was Feb 6th. Now I call and everyone I talk to gives me a different story. First, a "judgment" was made and I was getting $26, 895.00 and then I was hung up on. I called back and was routed to a common voicemail inbox, then I called again and spoke to "Amy Spears" who put me on hold forever and the story changed again. Now the case was settled for $10K and that was their fee, so I wasn't getting anything. I called the person who owed me the $$ originally and he said he had settled with them for $10K and had already paid them a month ago. Of course, I haven't seen any of that. I called my attorney and we will pursue every legal avenue possible to get thsi $$ back. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!!

  • Fe
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    This "company" is also harassing me with a fake debt to a plumbing company, more than $11000, i dont even own that much plumbing let alone ever had anything repaired for such a rediculous amount, big scam and never stop calling. give em a call and say "hi" at (877)230-1314

  • Ca
      12th of May, 2009
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    I agree with all of you, this company it's just a mess. They have a horrible customer service the girls that work there are the worst!! Jessica S., Selicia, Gina, Berisha. All of them and more, they barely know how to read.
    Nobody knows anything.

    I've been calling for several months to get information in one of the cases that we gave them, I told them please give me the case # of county /state were the lawsuit was filed and will stop calling. They can't giv you that information, so my guess is that they never did anything and took our $900.00.

    Has anybody filled la lawsuit against them?


  • Sk
      13th of May, 2009
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    Simple complaints need to go to:
    and your local state attorney Generals office.

    If they are recording the calls them selves they are violating the law in that they do not state they are recording the call nor do they have the audible BEEP.
    I believe CA requires it. Plus CA is a two party state on recordings. Just be sure you understand the record laws to your state and what your state has to say about calls that cross state lines.

    everybody that has an issue with this company needs to file a BBB complaint and a FTC complaint.


  • Tr
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    I got screwed over by this company for $3, 200.00.
    If you want to get your money back you will need to file a complaint with the california states attorney's office.

  • Bm
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    Just got off the phone with a Daisy Grace, in one of their departments. I wanted to find out why I didn't receive all the money their " PITCH MEN " claimed I would receive by letting them handle the collection of one of my accounts.

    I gave them a $ 2, 989.53 collection, based on the " CLAIMED " 18% commission. They made two calls to my customer and called me two days later saying it would have to go to litigation and to send them $ 800.00 and that would have my money by the end of the month. That was in Oct. 2008. We settled on $ 600.00. They sent my claim to a Forwording Company, who sent it back to a collection attorney here in Ohio. They filed the claim in court and were able to collect the $ 2, 989.53.

    When I spoke to the Ohio attorney, they had used $ 175.00 of the $ 600.00 for court fees and rest was returned, where I have no idea.

    I finaly received a check on 12-24-09 for $1, 494.76, a 50% commission, no return of any of the $ 600.00.

    When I talked to Daisy, I became less than professional. She said " Didn't you read the form the Forwording company sent, saying it was 50%? " BAD ME, I thought it was all one operation and expcected what I was promised.

    Yes I believe these people are true scam artists and recommend to anyone, that if you if you use any collection company, that you are able to sit in their office and review your claims.

    I will file complaints against CII to anyone that will listen.

  • Sm
      15th of Jun, 2016
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    Small Business Owners - FRAUD
    Commercial Investigations Inc
    6311 Van Nuys Boulevard
    Van Nuys
    United States
    Phone: (866) 697-7141‎

    I was defrauded by CII, overcharged by CII, and the victim of Unfair Business Practices by CII.

    They told me my client was filing bankrupcy and to
    pay $2, 200.00 of costs “upfront” to “initiate the institution of litigation” Which i did. Then I gave them a set lowest amount which I would accept from the client. Then they settled with my client for 1/2 of what I agreed upon, and paid me 50% of that which in the there agreement states to only take 30%.

    WIth a search of the court records for, shows that no litigation was ever begun (filed) against the debtor, in spite of the fact that I paid “upfront” fees in the sum of $2, 200.00 to “initiate the institution of litigation” against that debtor.

    Stay Away from this company.

    Learn from others... I can't wait till the day they go away.

    Interesting Article on them:
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