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Commercial Capital Group / Advance Fee Loan Scammers

1 CT, United States Review updated:

These guys, David Shattuck, Mike Hack and Chris Mertens, are nothing but Advance Fee Loan scammers. My client got ripped of by these guys. There are many others who got ripped off just like my client did. Here is a chronology of my client's dealings with them, if it sounds eerily similar to your experience, then you need to make a post on here. If you pay these guys any amount of money you will see that they treat you in the same way as I have listed here and you will never see your money again. 1) They are nice guys when you first meet them. They will tell you that your deal is the best one that they have seen. But once you pay them your up-front fee it is all down hill from there. 2) All of these guys will represent to you that CCG is a Direct lender for your loan. These guys will even tell you that they will, personally, participate with CCG on your loan. But as you deal with them you will find nothing is further from the truth. They will constantly refer to supposed hedge funds that will now fund your deal. Any conference call that you may have where the supposed hedge fund will be on the same line to answer your questions is always canceled at the last minute. 3) They claim that CCG can close from 100K to 1 Billion loans within 30 days and will issue you a Letter of Intent with due diligence requirements and a closing date 45 days out. They claim to do site inspections and appraisals and all other kinds of due diligence on your loan. 4) When the due diligence period is up they just will not communicate with you anymore. They won't answer your phone calls. They won't answer your emails. And when they do answer, it might be a brief text message from their phone or a brief email sent from their cell phone. They will tell you that Dave and Mike are always catching planes, too sick to talk on the phone or something unexpectedly came up. They will cancel their commitments at the last minute or plain just not show up with no notice to tell you that they aren't coming. Once they are into the deal they will rarely pick up the phone and call you, if ever. They become ghosts and just vanish. 5) They will even issue Commitment Letters with an expiration date and a date for closing. But you will never get their loan documents. 6) When you request a return of your up-front fees, they tell you that they have done so much due diligence on your loan that now you owe them money. I dont know of anybody out there who has dealt with them who has ever gotten their money back. 7) Don't be fooled by these guys thinking you have found the only Direct Lender out there who is lending money. The fact is, CCG is not a Direct Lender. These guys are not closing on loans and their business model and sole purpose in doing business is to get your up-front money, lead you to believe that they are for real, and then try to figure out every way that they can to deny your loan on a technicality, and then how to keep your up-front money that you paid to them without an accounting. There are other postings about these guys on other forums and websites. Contact some of the other people who have had dealings with them before you pay them any of your money. If you do not heed this advice you will become another one of their many victims.

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  • Br
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes
    Commercial Capital Group - Unauthorized charges
    Commercial Capital Group
    190 Vanderbilt Ave.
    West Hartford
    United States

    Stay far away from this company and these people. They will take your due diligence fees and not produce another thing from you. They took my clients for tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Ev
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    My experience was near identical. The question is what has been done about it? Better Business Bureau? FBI fraud division? Successful Lawsuits? Class action maybe?!
    These people should not be allowed to operate!

  • Ba
      10th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    There is another complain about them here you should post to complain.

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