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Comfortable Movers / Fraud

1 Toronto and Gta, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I was quoted on an hourly rate. I asked if there were any other fees than the hourly rate which was $45/h. They told me they charged an extra hour for traveling time. I asked is that all the charges, they said yes. The man that I spoke with asked for a $300.00 deposit prior to the move and we would be refunded any amount that wasn't used up. Our move took less than two hours and they tried to charge us almost $700.00! They had this fee for miscellaneous items of $90.00! What I mean my miscellaneous are loose items like a hockey stick. They don't even help you load or have any packing tape! I called their "office" during this transaction because the men that were moving the items would not unload our items until the amount was paid in full and the charges were written on a contract in which I never signed. When I called the police, they had taken down this office's number down. I assumed that the police called them because soon after that they split without giving us back our deposit.

These men are cheats! Beware! No moving place should require a deposit! No money should be given until after the move.

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  • Fe
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I had a similar experience, These people are thieves. They extorted close to $900 from me for 3 hours and 45 mins of work. They were 2 hours late. They asked for a $500 deposit. They broke a bunch of stuff, scuffed wall and floors, took breaks, cursed, and charged me $300 extra for "heavy" items. I am not talking about a piano or a fridge, I am talking about boxes of china or books. They packed the truck so poorly, they run out of speace and refused to do a second trip. I had to rent a car, and call a couple of friends to help with the remaining boxes and furniture. They are dishonest and lazy. I would not recommend them to my ennemies.

    The "boss" Robert, is a peice of work himself, he deflected responsibility and refuses to provide me with a copy of the contract I signed or the detailled invoice.

    Please pass on the owrk on this company. If I had done my homework I would not have ever booked them.

  • Pe
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I had a similar experience... I think is time to stop these people... I had to pay an extra $320 after the initial deposit $500, the worst part is they didn't finish the job. They broke a bunch of stuff, scuffed wall and floors. They packed the truck so poorly, they run out of speace in the truck so I had to finish the job myself.

  • Pa
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    My name is Pacy, and I own Pacy's Moving & Storage in Oakville. I Will not stand for any more of this " SCAMMING PEOPLE" and holding Your Belongings Hostage ! I was called to help out a wonderful couple who had everything they owned in a truck owned by this Comfortable moving company and the driver would not unload their belongings unless they paid 1400$ for 2 hours work!?!? After speaking with me, the police where there, and they took their stuff off the truck, but not before they broke many items.. I was there 10 minutes later and did the job in 2 hrs.. I have attempted to contact this owner many times, but have had no response back. I am now working with anyone who has been held captive by a moving company, to make sure this stops!! If you have ever been or you know someone who has had a problem with this or another company, please contact me directly 24/7 @ 905 510 7111 Pacy.. Together we can make a difference! Your New Best Friend..Pacy...

  • Na
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    My sister in brother in law are also affected by these cheats "Comfortable movers" yesterday by ransom of about 1500 dollars. It was quite pathetic. They were told that it would cost 40 dollars per hours for two men. My brother in law took for granted that it is is the truth and obviously he also did not do home work.

    They asked for 500 dollar deposit. Within few minutes, they changed their mind and said our policy is 750 dollars. As a result, my brother in law went to the bank and drew money and gave him and took the receipt. The receipt had some "contract terms written" which obviously he did not see it. It said for each piece weighing about 50 pounds, they would charge 50 dollar per piece. For long walk in the apartment, they would charge 300 dollars flat fee. The long walk is from the apartment to the lift.

    Within few minutes, he brought a receipt stating that the move would cost my brother-in-law 1500 dollars which stated, estimated time is 6 hours, 250 dollars for moving up two levels in the house where he was moving. 300 dollars for long walk (apartment 10th floor to the building.

    Again he had to visit the bank and paid the remainder before moving the truck (i.e. 1500 dollars). After all this got over, he followed us in the car and left all the items in front of the house and took the moving vehicle and ran away. We (i.e. my family and my brother-in-law and my sister, all together had to carry the items inside.

    It was a real nightmare and hope there is some action taken against this company. Representative name of this company is Robert. God knows whether it is his real name or just name used to cheat.

    I atleast pray to the Almighty to give enough punishment to such people who cheats. I hope it happens. The law does not seem to help in this regard. We even took photo of the items when they left it outside the house. We do not know how much it would add value.

  • Jo
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    i had a similar experience ... $700 for 2 hours and they held my furniture hostage till I paid ... however this is how i am going to get my money back ... I am going to set up another secret move and when Robert comes to do the move ... wham it will be me - demanding they pay me back ... some people have to learn the hard way

  • De
      20th of May, 2010
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    Same story but I called in crime stoppers
    if you have problems with theser guys call the police
    they no longer can do any of this and the police would gladly take your call
    you know they also cheat welfare and live in public housing

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