Comfortable Movers / Ripped off & abandoned

Hired at 45/hr for 2 men and a truck. Arrived 1/2 hour late - loaded a few things then asked for 500. deposit - reluctantly agreed and signed what I was told was a receipt for the 500. About 1-1/2 hours later told "the boss" had come by -never saw this person - he did not enter the apartment where the furniture was and now it would cost 1400. to make the move 120. stair charge -no stairs in the apartment and they didn't know what was at the new house. 250. heavy item charge - if he didn't see the furniture how did he determine this. 300 Misc. charge - could not explain what this was for. What is this 82 year old woman to do? Negotitated with so called "boss" a rip off deal at 1100. which was verified by his man. I have a receipt saying paid in full for 1100. When they finally arrive at the destination they drop the furniture(which was damaged and I actually saw them drag and throw the furniture) in the driveway then leave without saying a word. When I call "the boss" he says they aren't coming back to finish because we shorted them 300. LIARS!!! Theives!!! They left an 82 year old woman with her antique furniture in the driveway in the rain!!

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