Comfort Inn North (3235Noreman Ave, Joliet, IL 60435-9100) 815-436-5141.gave us a room someone was already in.

We arrived at comfort inn approx 11:00am just to secure the room and let them know we are in town but going to the drag strip in joliet and we would be back later. We traveled here from grand rapids mi. They gave us our keys for room 318 and when we came from the races and went up to our room and walked in and clothes were thrown all over the place. (people were already in this room)??? When my wife and I went back downstairs about the room, the girls just gave us a different room 309 and acted like it was no big deal. On our way out from our stay I talked with (selena) and she acted as if it was not a big deal and that it was some how my fault. Its a lucky thing that no altercations broke out and could have been a lot worse. Selena said this has happened before so its no big thing that it had happened again.
Just put yourself in my shoes when we walked into that room that was already being used. My wife was not any too happy either.
Not a good way to start our vacation.
I usually am not one to complain but you might wanna know also that the light does not work when you first walk in to room. The toilet lever to flush the toilet was broke (you had to lift the lever back up after flushing. Also it was a bit chilly in the morning and so we turned the heat on and the heater smelled disgusting like burning hair.
Well it really sucks that I have to take time from my day to sit here and write you a complaint letter.

"I just thought you should know"

Thank you,
David staszkiewicz. (account # for the room [protected]) arrival date 6/2/2018 — departure date 6/3/2018

Jun 06, 2018

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