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I was employed with this company during the months of June 2011 through August 2011. I performed my services accordingly with no complaint. I received payment for services rendered in a timely fashion up until the end of August 2011 when I had discovered that I was short in compensation. The compensated amount due is 150.00. I, in turn, held a meeting with my manager and she continued to argue with me and not take this matter seriously. This, in turn, led to me cease with my services immediately and seek other employment. In addition to this matter, this is called wage theft for services that were rendered and not paid accordingly. This also falls under violations under Title 38, U. S. C. under Sec. 701 which carries a fine of 55, 000 for the first violation. This could also include violations under the Veterans With Disabilities Act of 2010 and Americans with Disabilities Act. This also includes complaints submitted to SD wage and hour division and EEOC. Under South Dakota law regarding theft, I am entitled to double of the amount that stolen and that includes wage theft which is a form of property theft. This matter has been filed with the EEOC regarding The Veterans with Disabilities Act of 2010 and has also been filed under Title 38, U. S. C., Title VII Employment Rights of Members of Uniformed Services under Sec. 701 USERRA prohibits wage discrimination against members of the Armed Forces. That includes wage theft. Under South Dakota Law regarding theft, I am entitled to double the amount owed and that is 300.00 as described above in this matter. In addition I have seven years to file a criminal report, file this matter in a civil suit, to also include filing a suit in federal court. I can sue for 4 times the amount and that can include filing continuous claims accordingly. This matter has been forwarded to the proper channels for investigation and this complaint will continue to post until resolved in its full entirety. In order to remedy this situation 150.00 is due for services rendered. This is a fair and accurate amount. Failure to remedy this situation as requested will result in further measures utilized accordingly.

Feb 25, 2016
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      Jul 19, 2016

    This update is posted by the original complainant. I contacted the owner by letter and he states that his firm did nothing wrong. He stated that no funds are due. Well, I am here to advise the owner that he needs to go back to high school and take a math class and then proceed to take a college class on accounting skills. I was stolen from and I will continue to post this true and factual information and I don't CARE how long it takes. What a complete ###!!!

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