Comcore 21 / Defective and poor quality

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Recently I have purchased furniture for my office from the internet store Comcore 21. I placed this order on Jan 2nd 2010. At the time I placed my order the estimated delivery time was 2 weeks, which is why I placed this order; I needed to furnish my office ASAP. After waiting to receive my goods for about 3 weeks I called the store and found out that my order has never been processed. According to the customer care specialist, the store makes random selections on the credit card numbers for the purpose of fraud detection and by placing the credit card numbers through an investigation protects the customers against identity teft. This is all good and I understand it is to protect the customers, but only if they process the order after checking it for fraud!! To make the long story short my order got processed on Jan 25 2010, three weeks after I originally placed my order. Although no one was apologetic for the inconvenience this delay caused me and my practice, I decided not to make a big deal out of this incident. Only to find out because of their mistake and delay on processing my request now, part of the items in my order are in back order and won't be available until March.

Well after a long wait the goods were delivered and finally I was relieved. I opened the box for the conference chairs to assemble the day I received them, only to find that the connective bar that serves as the frame and the handles for the chair is broken to two equal halves. Now this was very frustrating, but wait it gets better!! I called immediately and spoke to a customer care representative, after being on hold for about 15 minutes and getting bounced from one representative to another, the last person on phone said she will submit the report of the incident to their defect department. I was supposed to receive a return label to return the defective good and get refunded for my money upon the store receiving their defective goods.


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