Combined Motor Holdings Group / CMH Groupvw up – purchased around 29 nov 2018 – from cmh honda menlyn

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Re: VW Up - Purchased around 29 Nov 2018 - From CMH Honda Menlyn

1. Main Problem / issue: after purchasing the vehicle - we discovered that the vehicle in question was in a major accident, the fact that the vehicle was in a major accident was never disclosed to us, in fact when I asked the salesman if it was in an accident I was advised that it was definitely not in an accident, it should also be noted that the vehicle was advertised on as " as good as new".

2. Issues stemming from the non-disclosure of the fact that the vehicle was in a major accident:

a. Driver door handle loose, two screws were missing, this posed a security risk as car could easily be opened, issue was rectified by VW Hatfield.
b. Inside driver door badly damaged and is starting to rust.
c. Back right - rear bumper has a gap and is coming loose.
d. Major gap were mudguard and bumper join, also major gap between bumper and headlight.
e. Inside of front right mangled / badly repaired, vehicle was at Cmh for a week for this and the bumper gap to be repaired, it was very cheaply and badly repaired, in fact the vehicle came back in a worse condition than before, please see attached images, vehicle came back with paint that cannot be removed all over the black part of the bumper, also gaps that were supposed to be repaired were not repaired at all.
f. Front bonnet has multiple stone chips on and is starting to rust, front nonet is actually also visibly a different colour.
g. Front right mudguard very badly repaired and is visibly different to the left side of the vehicle.
h. Large stone chip / chip inside driver door.
i. Front right mirror was received back from panel beater with a major scratch on, this occurred when they were supposed to fix the mudguard and gap on bumper and headlight. Vehicle was also received back with new black scratches on the front bumper that were not there.
j. See also attached images, driver door has a visible mattness as well as front right mudguard, not sure if this is body putty coming through or if it has just been polished so many times that it no looks there is something that was spilt on it, it looks terrible.
k. No service history on VW system - meaning warranty invalid
l. Front bumper and bonnet badly sprayed / repaired.

Based on the above the vehicle cannot be assumed or sold or advertised "as good as new". We are very upset and unhappy about this, one would expect something like this from a used car dealer in Silverton or something but not from a large group like CMH, in actual fact I would have probably got a better deal in Silverton.

We demand to know what happened to this car!! So far it can be assumed that the entire driver door, front right mudguard, bonnet and entire front end has been worked on and very badly.
We spent and are spending a lot of money on this car and we are not going to let this go or back down, if I knew all of this, I would have never done business with Cmh, this is absolutely awful!!

My entire holiday was and has been ruined and my "new car" turned out to be a code 3 and no one cares, my January is also going to be nightmare, I work in Jhb and live in Pretoria, if the car does go in I am wondering how I can get to work, the reason for us procuring a "new car" was for me to get to work cheaply, safely and trouble free and this has also turned out to be a horrible nightmare.

Buying a new car should be a wonderful experience and all I have had is trouble and stress!!

I hereby wish to arrange a meeting at Honda Menlyn, with all parties involved including CMH Group HQ representative, Wesbank Representation, Cmh Honda Menlyn Management and representation, we want what we agreed on and are going to pay for for 4 years!! We want an as new 2017 Vw up as advertised and not a code 3!!

Look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Jan 03, 2019
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  • Vu
      Apr 16, 2019

    Hi Ashely, I would be very interested to know if your complaint has been attended to by the CMH Group. I am also looking at taking a similar root for a recent purchase from CMH Kempster Ford in Bluff.

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