Columbia Asia - SerembanWorst service given among all hospital

My brother had an accident during working time 2 days ago. He had an injury on his head and claimed that his got a bad headache. My brother waited for hours just to pay. I asked the cashier (Rosnani) how long more do I need to wait. She replied " I'm not your servant and she BANG the door". I was shocked and I wondered this is how Columbia Asia train their staff to answer customer in such manner? After Rosnani returned back to her seat, she did not get back to me. She called my brother for billing and when my brother pass her the money, she did not receive the money in a proper way. She snatch the money from my brother. My brother were shocked and he heard a conversation between Rosnani and a staff nurse saying that "She is crazy. She is not suppose to be here, should be in psychiatric hospital". I made a complain to the Clolumbia management and both staff apologized to me & my brother. I left the premises after 10 minutes heading to work. I thought the case is over. I received a call from one of my friend saying that she heard those staff/nurses still continue talking about "The crazy customer". Coincidentally she were there when I made the complain at the registration counter. Columbia management promised me things won't happen again but what is all this about? Gossiping customer when customer is not around. This is Columbia's way of training their staff? Apologies in front customer but gossiping and talking bad about the customer again. How sincere were the apologies from the staff?

Feb 04, 2015

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