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Colotrim / Credit Card Charged in error

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I attempted to sign up for a free trail of ColoTrim, paying only the shipping & handling, and was told that my credit card was denied. I caqlled the credit card company only to discover that there was a fraud alert on my card. After I cleared up the situation with the cc company, I talked with a few of my friends and was told about the problems that they had had with Supreme Brands. Since my credit card had been rejected and I had decided not to purchase the product from this company, I did not give it another thought until charges started showing up on my credit card -- $79.90 for the first bottle which I never received, $1.95 for the s/h, $9.95 for some website access for June and $9.95 again for July. I called Supreme Brands and told them that I never received the product and so would not have known to call and cancel the order so that I would not be charged. In addition, I did not request nor was I informed that I would be purchasing access to a website to be billed on a monthly basis. What, if any, recourse do I have in this matter? I have already completed the dispute resolution forms with my credit card. Is there a legal remedy?

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      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Dear Sheri,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your situation - based on your story, it sounds like we would need to investigate the situation thoroughly to figure out what happened. Unfortunately, we can no longer help you resolve this as you have instead chosen to dispute the charge with your bank.

    Once you file a dispute with your credit card company it is impossible to provide you with assistance - our hands are now tied because the funds are locked in dispute and we must work with your credit card company to reach a resolution. They will investigate the matter and ask us for records to try and determine what has happened - in a few weeks they will let you know what conclusion they have reached (this does NOT mean you are guaranteed a refund - your credit card company will make this decision after being provided records from our system, and as our company does keep multiple types of detailed records on file it is very rare that we actually lose a dispute).

    Based on what you have written your story does not make much sense; you said your credit card was "rejected" when you tried to place an order so you were never given an order number or sent a confirmation email - if your credit card was "rejected" then the order would have been unable to complete and you would not have been billed or shipped anything. Our system automatically generates an order number and sends a confirmation email when an order is successfully placed (as well as automatically sending out a shipment to the address that was supplied), so I dont' see how you could have placed an order that said "rejected" and have not gotten the order number, confirmation email, and shipment.

    I really wish you had asked us to investigate this so that we could have worked with you to resolve this in a timely fashion - as you have tied our hands by disputing this with your credit card company we will work with them to resolve the issue.

    Devin Ebert

    Customer Service Manager

  • Ca
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I believe all Devin Ebert does is answer complaints. YOu have not helped me at all. Thanks for nothing.

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      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear casscath,

    I don't believe I have had the oppurtunity to assist you - posting a message on the internet about me not helping you proves nothing, other than you have an unresolved issue that you are upset about.

    We would be happy to address this issue if you contact our customer service department at (866) 221-8822 between Monday and Friday, 7AM to 7PM CST.

    I do care deeply about customer complaints which is why I take the time to respond to each one with a unique response (as opposed to just a template or automated response) - if you do not give us the oppurtunity to assit you, then it really isn't fair to claim we are of no help.


    Customer Service Manager

  • Pi
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    Oh so agree it's like I could have written it myself, but I am much, much, much more angry than this nice lady. I did the "free" shipping only scam as well, came back from 5 weeks on the road with almost $400, yep thats right folks $400 charged to my CC and what do I have to show for it? My "free" 2 bottles. I am not a happy camper and intend to take this fraudulent company and its way of doing business DOWN!

  • Oh
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    (full disclosure: I'm repeating this message on all the complaints boards about Colotrim)

    Honestly, Devin, you show yourself on all of these message boards as kind of a bad person, and I wonder if you feel bad about yourself when you go home at night, even just a little bit bad, in the pit of your bad stomach. I googled 'colotrim scam' and came up with multiple boards filled with complaints, all of which you've answered with nothing but contempt for your customers (for such they very reluctantly are, to the tune of hundreds of dollars, actually -- often with no product to show for it -- you should be thanking them!)

    I am a customer. I read the fine print. The short of it: day after day, I kept not receiving my product, so I kept not canceling. After all, perhaps the fine print does say shipment date, but I thought, this can't be: I wasn't told when it shipped, or given tracking information. They wouldn't be that shady, right, as to not want me to KNOW when the 15 days were up, exactly? And besides, I thought, even if I'm sure it's shipment date, not received date, why would I cancel before I receive this MIRACLE product, even if it's not within 15 days? They wouldn't be shady enough to WANT me to very sensibly wait to RECEIVE and TRY the product before cancelling, so that they could ensure that said receipt was past the 15 day cancellation period. And charge me through the nose for it. Right?

    So I, really and truly naive, waited, thinking: if I want to cancel, I'll cancel after I receive the product. I NEVER received the product. After 15 days, surprise, my bank account was charged. When I called your army of drones, Devin (drones who also must feel bad about themselves, if they even understand what they're doing), I was told that USPS records showed delivery, though I was never shown these records, and that therefore their 'hands were tied' (one of your favorite terms, Devin). So I cancel my debit card, and trudge on.

    So, Devin? Yeah? I call b**s**t. Even if I wouldn't win in court, this is unconscionable. You say on one of the boards, Devin, that your company has done nothing illegal or unethical. Illegal perhaps not, though it should be. Unethical, certainly. Any company that wanted consumers to actually try their product in a free trial, and believed they'd start buying on their own; a company who didn't want to start surreptitiously charging them for subsequent products before they have received the initial one, would have a cancellation policy based on the RECEIVED date, not the ship date. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, the company would institute a transparent shipping system whereby both parties knew and could verify exactly when the product was received (electronic tracking, signing for receipt, etc.), or even if you like, shipped.

    If you weren't trying to scam your customers, you wouldn't need such 'fine print'. Period. Companies can thrive within cultures of transparency. Honest.

    Your answer will be canned; it will be rude although you'll say it's not; it will show the level of absolute shyster depravity on which your company in built. A quick for-example: you actually, with unbelievable, jawdropping smugness, told a consumer who used her credit card company correctly to stop payment on one of your charges, that 'your hands were tied' now that she'd so stupidly gone to her card company, but that, no big deal, you don't care, because 'we very rarely lose these kinds of cases' (read: we have dealt with these before). Nice work flaming her, customer service manager.

    So fire away, insult me and my consumer idiocy.

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