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Colotox / Request to cancel twice & RUDE customer service staff

1 United States

On February 22, 2009, I contacted the Customer Support number [protected]) listed on the back of the Colotox bottle. I followed the voice prompt that directed me to go to the website to cancel my membership. After canceling online, I printed the cancellation notice, I noted that it only stated “Your request has been successfully submitted”. It did not indicate my name, my membership account number, a cancellation number or any other information, but stated “Please allow 48 hours for out Customer Support team to respond to your request. Thank you”. I never received a reply.

On the evening of March 7th, I checked my postal mailbox and found a product mailer which held another bottle of Colotox. This was surprising considering my cancellation,
On the morning of March 8, 2009 (Sunday), I contacted your customer support number in order to inquire as to the reason for the shipment. I spoke with Sarah, a customer representative and she stated that they had no record of my cancellation on February 22nd. I told her that I had a copy of the online cancellation and although I could not put my hand on it at the moment, I thought it may have been cancelled on February 27th. She stated that the shipment was on the 26th and that would be the reason I received the shipment. I accepted that and after confirming that the account was now cancelled, we hung up.
I located the copy of the on-line cancellation a few moments later and as I was about to document the 2nd cancellation information, I noted the date at the bottom of the page was 2/22/2009, not February 27th as I initially believed.
I immediately contacted Customer Support once again to report the actual cancellation date and request refund of the $44.90 charged to my Visa account since I had in fact cancelled prior to the February 26th shipment date.
I was connected to Erica who was initially polite until I began explaining the issue. She said I would need to send my proof of cancellation on the 22nd to the on-line customer support. When I asked how to do this she curtly replied “CUT AND PASTE”, I was unsure of what she meant and told her that I had not saved it on my computer but had printed it. She came back in a rude manner and I when told her that she was not acting professionally, she became angry. Then when I tried to continue my explanation she began talking over me, I stopped to listen and she stopped speaking, I began again and she started talking over me again. I finally asked her to let me continue as I was the customer. I admit that my tone was not pleasant as I was appalled by her lack of professionalism. She retorted by hanging up on me.
I called back a few minutes later and recognized, by the voice, that unfortunately I had reached Erica once again. I asked her name, as I always do, and she responded “Erin”.
I politely asked to speak to a supervisor. She asked me my name and account number and after giving her my information, she stated that she would connect me to a supervisor,
After several minutes on hold, a very young sounding male answered the line and identified himself as Arthur, the supervisor on duty. I began by asking him the name of the representative that had forwarded me to him and he replied “Erica”. I told him that Erica had identified herself to me as Erin and he replied in a loud voice that I had spoken with three persons today. Although he had confirmed my suspicion that Erin was indeed Erica, I told him that this was beside the point and began to explain the reason for my call. He was still loud and would not let go of the fact that I had confirmed Erica was the call taker. He yelled, “DO NOT CALL HERE AGAIN” and hung up.
To say the least, I was quite shocked at the actions of your customer support center staff.
I suspect that this was the younger, weekend crew on duty and it is understandably a much more relaxed atmosphere but customer service should never be reduced and the degree of their rude and appalling behavior was unacceptable.

I went to the on-line customer report site and this time requested a call to my cell phone number. Hopefully I will receive a call back from a professional who is willing to assist me. In the meantime, I have requested reversal of charges to my credit card company and ordered that no more charges be allowed.


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