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ColorTyme Rentals / Get your ### straight!

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ColorTyme Rentals - 5332 Gull Road,Kalamazoo,Michigan 49048. I'm renting a Dell computer, and the computers great.... But, the people at the rental place, not so great. I've been harassed, etc. I've been paying on my computer for over a year, I have only $450 to pay on it, but, yet, my reciepts say different. For the last 2 month's the receipt's been saying I still have 13 month's left????? 13 month's!!!!, how is that, when I like have only $450 left to pay????How do these people figure ???? I am not paying for this computer for another 3 years people!! Get your ### straight. I'm very pissed off. I would not rent from these people again.

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  • J2
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    I no what you are saying. Though ColorTyme is not your problem it is the people. I work for
    the company. Your best result is to contact the Corporate Office. This should handle any
    complaint you should have. I hope you have all your reciepts. Here is the number for them.
    1-800-411-8963 good luck and keep in mind we value you as a customer so let them handle
    your complaint!

  • Ti
      24th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We rent 2 flat screen TV'S from Colortyme 4150 Hancock Brdg pkwy N. Ft. Myers Fl. You all have hired the rudest, most impolite people i have ever met in my life. They do not wan't solve problems with your appliances or even fix problems. They are to busy blaming the customer with problems. It seems like when they pickup the problem with appliances etc. they dont check and see if there problem before they rerent it. Frankly I think any person would better off to go to another rental place before they even think of going to colortyme. Since you can't teach employees manners and customer service politeness. Why would anybody want to rent from you. tim turi

  • Sh
      20th of Aug, 2012
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    I really thought I was getting a deal on this HP computer with monitor in one, I originally agreed to a 3 month payment plan of 167.00 a month then it would be mine, well needless to say I found out within a couple weeks it would not play DVD"S and a few other things so they bought out another computer, that did not work, I was told or rather the deliver was told what to do and that process took so much time...he left so over the weekend (it finally stopped booting up or whatever it was doing) but to no avail. So all weekend I was without a computer. So they sent to be repaired (they gave me a laptop to use in the mean time) but when I called back I was informed that it would cost to much for them to repair so they gave me a computer, by this time it was almost the end of month 2 I really was not comfortable with, cause the door that holds the cd looked like it would just fall off at any given moment, and I had to hit the door several times for it to open. So I kept it until about 2 weeks ago, 9now at this point I have made the last payment I now have the one I started with but different keyboard and mouse.
    The computer cuts off almost daily, with the error in blue saying that there was an error...Now when I purchased did not say anywhere as is or purchase at your own risk. I called when this computer just cut off I was told over the phone what to do and again the process took time so I was told to call when it finished...I called, and was put on hold for a very long time, so I hung up and called back this time no I told myself to just sick it out, but it is acting worse and the error message talks about a crash dump and that concerned me because I am working on some church event so I called today and really was treated uncool so I ask you...should all this be happening for 3 months of 167.00 per month!!!I thought Colortyme was the bomb???????????????????????? I know I had to pay...really money is not the issue...I am handicapped...I do not like to play the race card but with this I wonder...Well Lesson learned...trusting a people like colortyme is risky...very risky

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