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Colorado Springs Dodge / unfair charges, misreprestentation

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 719-475-8550

My son was taken advantage of very badly by this dealership and Garth Wilson in finance. He was told he would have $350 payments for 60 months on a new Caliber, and when the smoke and BS cleared, he is looking at $450 payments for 84 months. Mr. Wilson overcharged on aftermarket products by $4, 890!!! He also added service plans and maintenance fees for another $600. All the while telling my son the payments would be $350. He told my son to make the $450 payments for 3 months then come back in to refinance. He did this and was told that there was no chance to refinance after the 3 months. He was allowed $500 for a trade-in that blue-booked at $1500. And when he walked out, had a contract for $40, 933. What crooked people work there??? This is hard to beleive...

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  • Ot
      30th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This dealership has the most unethical business practices I've ever seen. We agreed to a price on the sales floor then when we got to financing they switched the price without telling me. I was dumb enough to take their word and now they are hiding behind this bogus contract. A classic bait and switch. This is Auto Dealer Fraud and I am suing this dealership. One should not need an attorney present when buying a car. These guys are desperate and willing to do anything to make a sale happen. Anything!! this includes outright lying. I wished I would have looked at the Better Business Bureau Website before deciding on Colorado Springs Dodge. They currently have 28 complaints against them and I will be 29. I encourage anyone that has had to deal with these liars to complain. They only get away with these types of business practices if we lay down and take it. I'm calling an attorney Monday and I'm going to try to take this dealership down.

    I am a Veteran of the war in Iraq with over 10 years of faithful service to this country. If I have learned anything from my time in the mlitary its that you have to fight for a just cause. The nature of the world allows for those with resources to push around those less fortunate. In this case we are those that are less fortunate. We CANNOT let Colorado Springs Dodge continue to lie steal and cheat to make a buck.

    go to www . bbb . org to file a Better Business Bureau complaint.

  • Ha
      20th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    THIS EXACT THING HAPPENED TO US!!! GARTH IS A COMPLETE JERK! Although we werent buying a caliber it was a different payment etc BUT YOU GET THE POINT!!! THIS MAN and delarship are pathedic!!! YES we are filing a bbb report NOW! as well as going to the delarship board and speaking with a lawyer!!!

  • Ha
      20th of Oct, 2012
    -1 Votes

    It look like your son can not read. If your son was educated he would have walk out the door but I bet your son have bad credit is the reason he sign on the dotted line. You say blue book, is that private party sale or trade in price?

  • Di
      18th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Yes! Colorado Springs Dodge is deceitful, outright liars and switch payments or interest rates or sell you something without warrant. Never again will I do business with such an unethical dealership. How they get away with the illegal things they do is appalling!

  • Jm
      20th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Buyer Beware!!!, to all of you who have purchased Chrysler 2005 to the current year 2014, the dealerships that sell this type vehicle has basically placed defected parts that entail the gearshift getting stuck in park therefore placing the driver at risk of being stranded on the road. The Chrysler organization was aware of this defected part back in 2005 when a recall was issued by Chrysler Dodge. BUT IF YOU TAKE YOUR VEHICLE IN FOR THIS PARTICULAR CAR ISSUE THE FREE OF CHARGE REPAIR HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!!! If you are experiencing this particular car issue the dealership will not honor the supposedly recall that occurred in 2005 especially the Colorado Spgs. Dodge Chrysler Dealership. Therefore the consumers who have purchased vehicles are faced with out of pocket expenses especially if they encounter the drive shaft issue now!!! This shady and unethical business tactic is ongoing. The dealership is aware that the part is defected and knowingly has continued to sell vehicles that are defected to the consumer placing them and their loved ones at risk for for the penny pinching, money hunger, need to save a dollar, unethical, demeaning, false pretenses, and really don't care about the safety of the customer!!! business tactics of Chrysler Dodge Dealerships in Colorado Spgs. Colorado. Therefore you are informed from a first hand experience of the unethical practices that are occurring and please think twice before you purchase a vehicle from this particular dealership!!!

    They told me that the 2005 recall on the gearshift was resolved and taken care of, but my 2005 300 has this problem, and I also own a 2007 Sebring that has the very same issue

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