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Colorado Springs, CO World Arena / Cheated out of money paid for tickets

1 3185 Venetucci Blvd.Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 719-477-2150

I purchased tickets three months ago for the Gary Allan concert last night at your venue and wanted to express my great disappointment with your parking policy/ticket sales policy to some kind of supervisor. After driving 5 hours from our hometown to see the concert, our prepurchased, total of 100 dollars spent tickets were worthless upon arriving at the Arena to find that we needed five dollars-in cash only-in order to use our tickets. I happened to not have any way to get cash at the time-so we drove five hours back home after being cheated out of $100 without seeing the concert, because we did not have a five dollar bill. I went back on to the website, where I ordered the tickets direct from you, and finally found the button that describes the parking policy. Yes, this was posted on the website, but it is VERY POOR customer service to not have the required cash parking fee posted UNDER THE TAB WHERE YOU ACTUALLY BUY THE TICKETS. I suspect that many out of town and out of country visitors to the arena do not realize that they have to fully explore the website in order to be allowed accessed to the arena. I was just disgusted that you stole my money from me, there should be some alternate way to pay for parking; it does not say anywhere on the tickets or on the part of the website where you buy the tickets that in addition to paying for the tickets and taxes and shipping you ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A FIVE DOLLAR BILL WITH YOU. This is makes no sense. Why would I want to pay for and purchase my tickets online to have to worry about carrying cash to my destination to make sure I can even get in? This parking fee should be included in the ticket price when the tickets are purchased online. I am certain I am not the only out of town person to unluckily not have any cash on them and find that I had been cheated, after driving 500 miles and waiting three months for this event. No one carries cash anymore because of the security. Yes I should have been better prepared but the end all is that you now have $100 of my money and I got nothing in return BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE 5.00 CASH ON ME. I WILL NEVER BUY TICKETS FROM THE WORLD ARENA, ATTEND ANY EVENTS AT THE WORLD ARENA, AND WILL ADVISE ANYONE I KNOW THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY BY GAMBLING THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT "HAPPEN" TO READ THE PARKING SECTION OF THE WEBSITE WHEN BUYING TICKETS ONLINE. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I will also be reporting this experience to customer affairs websites that I know of, so hopefully some people will not be cheated by you people. I had to save that money for months, we are on a limited income, and in this economy this is just horrible to do to people. And putting a cop watching everyone to make sure they pay the fee? I am your customer, (or was, ) not a criminal.

Colorado Springs, CO World Arena

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