Color Marble Inc / Company did not abide by their own policy

1 20530 Earlgate Street, Diamond Bar, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 909-595-9988

I came in with a contractor I hired (who turns out scammed me) to this company Color Marble on 4/3/12 to pay for the granite that was to be installed in my kitchen remodel. I myself gave the money $2300 in cash, and $70 to the cashier to pay for this granite. With multiple calls to the contractor, he never called back and I knew I was scammed. I called Color Marble Inc on 4/18/12 to ask if the granite I payed for was ever picked up by the contractor. I spoke with Jessica the Manager of the co. and she told me that the contractor came back later that afternoon and told them that I changed my mind and they gave him the refund (MY MONEY!) This company never called me for my authorization! Jessica stated that the salesperson who helped us named America was new to the co. Jessica also stated that company policy is to have all persons in the party that paid be present for a refund. Jessica stated that they have video cameras and will watch the tape of this day.
She called me back that afternoon and stated that she saw me give the money, and the contractor came back later with some other guy and they gave him MY money! I told Jessica that i had never authorized it and why would they do that. She said that they will have a meeting on 4/19 and see what they can do for me.
Jessica Called me back on 4/19 and said that the best they can do is give me a discount. Color Marble refuses to give me my money that they NEGLIGENTLY gave to someone else WITHOUT MY CONSENT! They need to accept responsibility and give me either my money back or the granite equal to the amount I paid!
I am willing to receive the granite since I still don't have my kitchen finished, but they will not accept responsibility for what they did! They have policies set that they don't even follow!
They have video cameras so they know about the scams that happen and now they are scamming me!
Color Marble is AT FAULT!!
They HAD NO RIGHT TO GIVE SOMEONE ELSE MY MONEY and say that they are not responsible?!
I am beyond LIVID!
They say that they threw away the invoice since it was refunded? I don't believe them!
What if they also "lose" the video tape that shows that THEY ARE AT FAULT TOO?

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