Color eye contacts / Late delivery/shipping cost rip off

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The website asks if you want FedEx to delivery the item for an extra 8 dollars which I selected for a timely delivery, but the item still hasn't been delivered as of now as I am writing this complaint, AND USPS is delivering it and on their tracking system the item has left San Diego and no status update for 3 days, and it's past the estimated delivery date so I take it as a loss. it's been 6 days and counting, and they claim to have a "shipping and cost" page on their website for more information about their "shipping policy" but it is nowhere to be found on their website, no interconnecting links on their home page, NOTHING. Something about this company wreaks. Scam? Sham? Fakery? Don't buy from this website, nor do I recommend it to anyone. Shady, shady, shady. I was dooped.

Dec 19, 2014

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