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Colopure / Fit Factory / Fraudulant Customer Service

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When I signed up for a trial sample of Colopure, I was aware of the initial 5.95 charge and was aware that I would be charged beyond the trial period if I did not cancel. However, very little documentation and literature came with the product and therefore I did not know that I would be charged full price for that trial bottle if I did not cancel within 20 days. When questioning the representatives about this, they made reference to something that was in the terms and conditions section on the website. I admit that I often skim through those and it is entirely possible that I missed the verbiage that stated the terms that I claim not to know. Also, somewhere in those terms was something telling me that I would be enrolled in something called Fit Factory unless I called to decline. Needless to say, I did not catch that either and ended up with two months worth of charges without knowing it! Maybe I would have used Fit Factory, but I didn't even know I had membership to it! There were no emails or postal mail welcoming me to my membership or instructions on how to use it. I didn't even know it existed! So, $80 later, I have nothing to show for it. Let it be said that I accept responsibility for my negligence in the matter. It was a lesson learned the hard way that you MUST READ EVERYTHING YOU AGREE TO! However, when a company does not send you any type of correspondence via mail, email or otherwise and is somewhat elusive with their terms and conditions, I feel that is a very sneaky way to do business. Is it illegal? Probably not... but it is certainly very poor service that lacks integrity. Clearly, I am not the only one who has been snagged. Shame on us but bigger shame on them for doing business that way. I am disgusted by the tactics of this company and can't believe that between the Colopure and mysterious Fit Factory membership, they now have $160 of my money for which I have nothing to show... all because they make the services offered difficult to recognize!

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  • Te
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    I, too, was scammed by Central Coast Nutra by being billed ($38.95 and $44.90) for 2 bottles of Colopure - one that I returned unopened, the other I never received b/c I cancelled my "membership". I also had 3 charges for $39.95 for a membership to Fit Factory. I never received any information on Fit Factory either. They said b/c I clicked on the "I Agree" button, but I have a copy of the Terms and Conditions form, and it says nothing about Fit Factory. It does spell out the Colopure agreement but not Fit Factory. It's really sad that these people have to TRICK customers into purchasing their products. This is a total SCAM!! I have reported CCN to the BBB which probably won't make a difference, and in the meantime I, too, am out money -- $200 that I sure could use to pay my bills.

  • Jo
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    I to was taken by this company. They chargedme for 2 things i didnt even order. Then they charged me another $44.90 for something else. THEN they signed me up for FIT FACTORY and charged me $39.95, with me even signing up. It should be against the LAW. If anybody reads this AND knows if there is anything that can be done please get a hold of me. Email me at THANKS.

  • Vi
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I ordered the Acai Berry pills trial size for free, but was charged the small shipping fee. I was totally aware of this, it was intentional on my part. However, I noticed within 30 minutes my e-mail log was filling up with spam e-mail. I opened one e-mail about a Health Advantage service thanking me for joining and a Fit Factory e-mail also thanking me for joining. Fit Factory said along with my membership I get a 7-day trial period of their services, but would be charged $29.95 every month afterward for their services. I e-mailed back to state I wanted to cancel, I did not order their services, it was spam. At 2:05am I received a response to call the toll free number to cancel. I called the next morning and spoke to a very nice woman who verified my personal information and explained to me that by purchasing the trial sample of the Acai Berry pills, I was also signing up for these other services! She had a list of other items as well, not just the Acai Berry pills, so be careful. I told her I wanted to cancel, she nicely said she could do it since it was within the 7-day trial period, gave me a cancellation confirmation number, and informed me that Fit Factory would charge me absolutely nothing.

    Now I will be contacting Acai Berry to cancel my trial size order. They are to blame as well. This is a very dishonest way to do business. I am thankful I took the time to open up this bogus list of unwanted e-mails. This should be illegal!

  • Ca
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    DON"t get scammed !! Don't order and refer to BBB and call your bank to report this ILLEGAL activity.

    I did not agree to buy anything except the trial order and it hasn't arrived yet, but I got acharge on my

    Only WE CAN STOP THIS! Call your bank, the BBB and your customer support to report fraud by this company.

  • La
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    This exact thing just happened to me!!! I just got the charge on my bank statement and I had no idea what it was. The offer online said the bottle was like 5.95! Are there any options or am I just stuck paying for this?!?! Ugh!!

  • Ca
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    File an IC3 complaint. It is the FBI's computer crimes department...I also got a number and state different from most. The state is Nevada on my statement and a number of 800-660-8489

  • Da
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    I to was scammed. I was looking over my bank account today to see recent charges for internet stuff i had never ordered. The one today i saw was for 89.95. I called the number listed on my bank account and I told her the number and were I had got it from and she said it Acai Berry and the charge was for a bottle of the Acai Berry. I asked why I am being charged when I only signed up for the 5.95 shipment for the free trial size bottle which I never even recieved. She said it was all listed on the website when I initially signed up for it. So I cancelled she said i am supposed to be getting re-imbursed for the 89 dollar charges and that she cancelled my account. So we will see if I get the money back. I looked further and saw a charge for 29.95 for Fit Factory which I had never even heard of so I called that number too and asked why I am being charged and she said it was the monthly membership fee for access to their internet site. I told her i didn't have access to there internet site and she said that after the seven day trial if you don't call to cancel they will charge you for using there website then she proceeds to give me my login name and password which i wrote down because she said she was going to cancel but I still would have access to there website till my month was up. SCAM!!! I tired the password she gave me which never even worked! I wish there was a way to put a pop -up before you order this stuff that says don't we will scam you out of a lot of money before you know it and you won't be able to do anything about it.

  • Un
      27th of May, 2009
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    I just experienced what many of these same consumers experienced with this company! This is an outright scam and this company should be under investigation for wrongful doing to innocent consumers like myself. While on vacation in Mexico my credit card was shut down for unathorized activity. I figured because I had used my card the last day on vacation they were protecting me. To my dismay the fact was that this company continued to charge my card after I cancelled the trial 2 days after receiving it in the mail. I returned the bottle with the RMA over a month ago and the company connitued to charge my card, yet no product ever appeared in my mailbox. I just spoke to a customer representative and threatened to dispute the charges if it was not reversed immediatley. After a stern conversation with this representative she agreed to reverse the charges with my verbal agreement that I would not dispute the charges. I told her she had three days for my credit card to appear with the credit or else I would dispute. CONSUMERS BEWARE!

  • Co
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    I received a phone call last Thursday, June 4, 2009 from a person who claimed that his name is Nick Jennings. He said he is from CNN collection agency. He also had sent me two emails from Colopure which this supporting document is enclosed. I am aware of that I did order the produce in Nov. 29 as a trial offer. The I read all the fine print at that time, and I believed that I had canceled the order and sent the unused portion of the product. I think the company practices inappropriately using the customers’ curiousity about losing weight. I did not find the product effective. It did not work out with my body system. The company uses an autoship system. The trouble I have gone through to cancel because the customer service (phone answering service) was very poor was incredibly painful one. I believe that it had reflected according to the BBB and numerous reports on complaints boards. I believe that is the reason why the BBB gave the company ColoPure an F rating with the reasons for complaints ranging from unauthorized charges to credit cards and not honoring the cancellation policies.
    I do not think I owe money to the company. In fact, I believe that your company tried to misuse the customer’s temptation to try out the trial offer. The company charged me using different website name, I know that the company is being sued as Attorney General Announces about your product on March 23, 2009 Connecticut Attorney General's Office Press released the news. Also, there are too many people who claimed that your company is mal-practicing. Your ColoPure website is exactly like the website for Colotox for example. You simply change the names and pictures of the product and a few colors and that’s about it. I believe that the company is running both Colotox and ColoPure if not more.
    Also, I believe that the company released my credit card number and my identity to after I ordered the product from your company. The hassle I had gone through to cancel that order and report to my bank was a very unpleasant one. That was the reason why I had to change my credit card number. I would like somebody to invest the matter.

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