Colonial Penn Life Insurance/ins policy / Two due dates same policy

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States

I have a situation where I had 3 policies with this company. Two grouped under one number an a newest one just taken out may of 2010. May 27th 2010 that is. I paid my policies ahed by 3 months increments except for the newest one which I sent the check before the due date of the 27th each month. Earlier on not paying attention to statements the company had me behind in payments by 1 month. It wasn't until Oct 2010 I paid attention to the statement that had me behind owing money for two different due dates one the 10th of each month and one the 27th with the latest policy placed under both due dates. Now my oldest policies were due on the 10th of each month.
When I tried to point this out to anyone I spoke with they sidestepped the fact that the due date on the youngest was the 27th of eachmonth and was always paid ahead. even if it was on the 10th of the following month they still would be paid on time and not late. My latest policy was not active until the 27th of may 2010 and was paid thru til the 27th of the next month june 27th. Yet they claimed I never paid for june which I did. They claimed I never paid for November 2010 which I did. After much duress I cancelled the policy. I complained to the insurance commisioner and was left with an apoloogy from the company, telling the same old thing, never admitting my payment dates as be two different ones and that the due date for the latest was the 27th of each month making me not a month behind but up to date as I complained. I was insulted as to do I want my payments lowered, could I not pay for the 29.95 a month they could lower it. I was insulted. They said I was trying to get a free month when I wasn't cause one rep had suggested to change the due date to put all policies under one date so I chose 25th of december 2010. cause when I paid in Oct 2010 it would have made the policies due 27th of November and Dec 10th 2010. I received confirmation about straightening out the polices due dates as IIIIIIIII have stated clearly. then the bombshell they same old statements with the wrong information. So I cancelled the latest policy with all the troubles thinking it would solve this problem. Some one tell me, why wouldn't this company acknowlege this due date issue as being 2 dates for the same policy, being marked as late and behind in payments when I never was. They claim is I took this policy out in May 2010, no mention that it was may 27th 2010 and that is different that it being may 1, 2010. Even tho it is a small amount and I am thankful for the company, no one wants to feel cheated or being cheated. No one wants to explain the obvious to have it ignored. It leaves me to be concerned with in death should this policy have remeained in error would it have gotten paid off or would it have been cancelled in error, leaving my loved ones to scamble for funds that wouldn't be there because of this error. Now I wonder what kind of treatment will I receive with my remaining policies? Will my checks be cashed in a timely manner or am I at their mercy? ALL I want is what I am due justly and fairly. I love this company like the service they provide but this area needs cleaning up. I intend to get life insurance somewhere else that I can trust and feel comfortable that they are running their business and billing office correctly. I can't get past this experience.

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