Colonial Motors / Used car

I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Accent from Colonial Motors in Indiana, PA. Had it for a day and my son, who happens to be a certified mechanic, was driving it and said that there was a transmission problem. So he went to dealership with me and went for drive with their mechanic who agreed. The guy that sold me the car was BUSY so they got another guy to talk to me and he said that I should change the transmission fluid and filter to see if that helps. He said it was Only 250.00. I told him that it may as well be 10000.00 because I am on Workman Comp and have a 14 yr old son. We live pay to pay. Then he said that he could not do anything. So I told him that it was rediculous and that he took advantage of me. I left and he followed me out and gave me his card and said to call and set up a time and they would change it. Free. I tried to contact them and was always told that he was BUSY. Never got done but my son repaired the transmission and some other major things for me. These people are only worried about getting a pay check. Don't go here...Buyer Beware...

Mar 26, 2017

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