Colonial Del Ray-Corpus Christi / 2015 surveyor travel trailer

We purchased the trailer brand new and right away the plastic under belly had to be cut to replace the water heater. I took it home only to feel a screw or nail under the laminate flooring in the kitchen. I called the dealer and they wanted me to pull it over an hour to their shop. I told them they could come get it and keep it if they couldn't send someone to fix it. I had only had it a day. The guy at tthe store was very rude. After my 3rd trip in the trailer, we had the storage water tank break loose from the trailer and slide into the middle of the road nearly causing my wife to wreck who was following behind me. When I turned around to pick it up it was completely full of water. I never put a from into it so somehow it had been filling up. I tried to get it into the dealer on 3, occasions but every time, they told me they were too full. I finally just pulled it over to the dealer and left it there. The service man was very rude saying he didn't know when he could get to it and that it wouldn't be under warranty. I called Forest River directly and the lady on the phone said she would look into it and call me back. It's been three weeks and I haven't heard a thing. How do you go about returning this thing under the lemon law?

Apr 02, 2017

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