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I placed a "free" trial order for Colon xR paying only shipping charges of $5.95. I cancelled within the trial period on Jan 7, 2009. At that time, I was told that nothing else had been charged - only the $5.95 on Dec 12, 2008.

On Jan 14th, 2009, I received another shipment along with a charge of $84.79. The invoice was dated Jan 3, 2009, but the ship date was Jan 8, 2009. Immediately called the customer "service" number [protected]). The man I spoke with told me that the order had already been processed on Jan 6, 2003, and that the cancellation had not processed in time to halt it. (Funny how the charge date was the 3rd, huh?)

He then told me that he had filed a "request for refund" on my order. When I asked to speak with the refund department manager, he first told me that they only converse in email. When I insisted, he gave me the "refund and fraud department" number [protected]). I asked him who I should speak with and he said to ask for the team leader. Go ahead and try calling it. It is an answering machine and fax line. I left three messages.

I called the first number again (several times) as well as the number on my invoice [protected]) until I again reached a human. Fortunately, he was new to the scam game. He told me that the customer service number was only a support number and that there was no refund and fraud department. I said, "So the last person lied to me?" He replied, "Yes" - first honest answer I got today!

I persisted in the conversation - with about three holds - until I received a refund confirmation number. Who knows whether that was the truth. I WILL be checking my billing statement this week!

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  • Ka
      Feb 13, 2009

    Re: Colon xR

    In regards to the above, the exact same thing has happened to me!! Right to a "T"! Even the dates ...rec'd trial bottle, rec'd a 2nd bottle & returned unopened and request cancellation & refund (still within the trial period). They billed my credit card and I have still not received a credit. They are now requesting a copy of my c.c. bank. stmt. showing the charge.
    I, too, persisted!! This company needs to be shutdown!


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