colon cleanse 3000 / money taken out of acct w/o authorization

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i was reviewing my checking account and found that i have a transaction pending from a simply for $89.00 . The only product that ever recieved was the free trial bottle and no where did i read that they were going to bill me for any additional bottles of any kind . I wil be calling to get this whole thing fixed, but thought i would let you know whats happened to me.

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  • Ar
      Aug 18, 2009

    Do not buy this product or deal with this company! It is a scam. There is supposed to be a 15 day "free trial" but this INCLUDES the time it takes to process and ship the order to you. My 15 day "free trial" was 7 days long. On day 16 (day 5 in my case) your credit card is charged $83. In the order form there is no mention of this. It just says free trial pay shipping only for a 30 day supply. This policy is stated in their terms which is accessed through a tiny tiny link at the bottom of a very long document. If this was a legitimate company this information would be displayed IN THE ORDER FORM. You will keep receiving this product automatically every month and getting charged unless you cancel within the "15 day free trial" period.

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  • Gi
      Aug 19, 2009

    I am having the same problem with this scam of a company. Did you get it resolved? I called them and spoke with two different rude people and they were determined not to refund my money. I am interested in knowing your outcome. I have contacted the BBB. I got charged $88.90 plus a $2.67 fee. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  • Mr
      Aug 24, 2009

    I too am having the exact same problem with the company. I was on hold for 50 mins. after calling all day to talk to a customer service representative. I finally got through to this very rude man named John who not only had a rude attitude, but wouldn't let me talk and explain my situation. I received the product on a Saturday, called the following Monday, and was told that I didn't call soon trial period was over because it started when the product was shipped, not received. Then to top it all off this John person hung up on me! I was told that I had signed up for autoshipments, which I had not. I said that I signed up for a free trial offer and was told in a very flippant way, "Come on, is anything in this world "free?" I will definitely tell anyone who will listen NOT to deal with this dishonest company!!!

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  • Dl
      Aug 25, 2009

    I had the same problem, getting billed several 83.00 charges. After arguing with their customer service for about 45 minutes I got nowhere, I repeatedly ask to speak to a supervisor and the guy wouldn't let me he kept insisting that he could help me all the while he just kept arguing with me. I finally had to call my bank and cancel my credit card to stop the billing from Colon Cleanse 3000. The bank said they are familiar with this company and they were being investigated.

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  • Va
      Aug 30, 2009

    I contacted Channel 6 ABC news Philadelphia (I live about 65miles away) told them the story and then contacted---MY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL (like a state DA for consumers) (in PA.) and then I e-mailed the company that I wanted a copy of the "agreement" and that I was in touch with my State Att. General about this problem.

    Next day it so happened that ABC Philadelphia did a story about consumers having amounts all around $88 taken from accounts--bank and credit card!

    Two days later I received an e-mail from COLON CLEANSE 3000 that they were refunding the one payment! SO that is great--I'm still waiting to see if my credit card is credited with this amount.

    BUT try it---consumers need leverage and the STATE level Attorney General is great!

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  • Va
      Aug 30, 2009

    Don't [protected] and you will be heard! Remember to contact your largest TV network new channel AND your state Attorney General and describe the situation!

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  • Th
      Sep 15, 2009

    I am having the same problem. Between Colon cleanse 3000 and AcaiBerry Detox, they Debited my account the initial S & H and then $39.95, $83.95 and $86.42. Someone should start a class action against them.

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  • No
      Sep 16, 2009

    Hey if anyone has any ideas of what we can do to shut these scammers/theifs down please email me at [protected] . Be sure and put 3000 on the subject line.

    Thanks, vanessa.

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  • Je
      Oct 16, 2009

    I am with you! I am so angry right now and they hung up on me! It is too late to get my credit card fixed. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do? Where to go from here? I am planning on contacting the betterBB to start. Any other ideas? [protected]

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  • Gl
      Oct 22, 2009

    These people are awful, they took$1.95 first then$83.95 would not give me a refund, there phone#to cancel was wrong, I had to use my cell phone and go through a 411 operator which in turn got me the correct #If anyone wants it, [protected], the#they gave me to cancel was [protected] and it is wrong or at least they have it so it stays busy and you can-not get through to cancel, the ###.I am going to contact the BBB, Att.General and Consumer Affairs, this is not right scam artist.COLON CLEANSE 3000, they never even sent me a trial bottle then said they would send me a nother one free of charge, ya right, how dare them to even say that like I said I never even recieved the so called first one nice and exspensive, for$83.95Oh please keep it!!!They are Full Of It, so they should use the bottle themselves if ya know what I mean.I am so so so angry.But at least my credit card is willing to help me thank godness for them.But the whole hassle of it all and the scams they pulled on all you other people just makes me really mad.I hope I get them screwed in the long run when I am done with my work, with my three companies I will contact.Thank-You all for listening to me.Glow

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