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I saw an ad online for a "free" bottle of ColoDetox, just $2.49 S&H. I ordered on Oct. 7th, and paid with my debit card. I received the product on Oct. 11th, just the bottle of capsules in the package, no instructions, invoice or anything else. On Oct. 22nd the company took another $89.00 from my checking account. I called the number listed next to the charge on my bank statement, which turned out to be a payment processing center.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Huntington Station, NY They gave me the number for ColoDetox's so-called customer service. I was told that I had not called to cancel my "membership" and therefore was being charged the price of the product, which is $89.00 for a one month supply. If there was anything on the website explaining this "procedure", it must have been in very, very small print. THIS WAS SUPPOSEDLY A 14 DAY TRIAL, and I did not respond in time. I had only had the product for 11 days! This is obviously a scam to get $89.00 for nothing! The product doesn't even work!!

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      Nov 02, 2009

    It's a damn shame that more & more people every day are falling for these "FREE TRIAL, JUST PAY S&H" scams.

    ALL of them are scams, no matter which product they are pushing. All these companies have to do is to come up with a "CATCHY" name for their product and people will GLADLY give their credit info willingly, not even caring where the products are originating from, or if they even work.

    Some of us act like a bunch of lemmings that will follow the "piper" straight into HELL, NO questions asked!

    Why in the H*ll can't you try to get these similar products locally? Most, if not ALL these products DO NOT WORK ANYWAY!

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