Colleen Danielswas charged a 1.00 when was not suppose to

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Dear Redbox,
My name is Colleen Daniels and i want to make a personal complaint about my experience with redbox, Which by the way i have successfully used redbox for several months now and i am very happy with the service, i believe it is just what we the people need at a time like out economy is i thank you for that. Here's the problem, i went grocery shopping the other day and on the back of my reciept was two promotional codes for two free movies out of the redbox, i received the first movie with no problems, was not charged the 1.00, Now the second movie was different my fiance put in the promo code and it appeared at the bottom after entering the promo code it showed 0.00 but that is not what happened because my debit card was hit for a 1.00 when i checked my bank account, fortunatly i had the 1.58 in the bank cause otherwise i do not i live on a fixed income and like i said that 1.00 could of easly turned into 36.00 because my bank charges me 35.00 for overdraft fees and if i would not of just checked my account due to the fact that it is getting closer to the 1st of October i would not of. So this time no harm has been done and my bank account is still .58 cents to the good, But i do believe that you owe me a free movie one night you can send me a promo code at the address above if you do not have it, here it is Ms. Daniels 27213 Barkantine Drive, Millsboro De.19966. and i can be reached at [protected]. If for some reason the mistake is on my end please let me know if i have over looked anything for we are all humans and we all make mistakes and i will be the first to admit when i am wrong so in this case if i am wrong then i am sorry for any inconviences and will continue to be a redbox customer as long as there is a redbox, because it is affordable and convient and i think i can speak for those of us who uses RedBox. Thanks Again,
Ms.Colleen Daniels

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      Sep 21, 2010

    You're so right on the complain, you should deserve a free coupon, but Colleen you just did something that is a BIG No No! You just posted your full name, number and address! You are asking for trouble, fraud, robbery, etc...etc... You need to be very careful with that information anywhere you go. Complain of $1.00 can cause more then $1, 000, $10, 000...of a headache. You take care Ms. Daniels :)

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