Were do I ever start this out...First and for most. I used to do this for a living. So I do know the laws of collections (FDICPA) works. Anyways...We just rec. a letter last week. Mind you that was put in our door. And again it was written on NOTE BOOK paper. No letter head. nothing! I have no idea in who "Omega Lee" is or what company she is coming from. Also to keep in mind my home number is unlisted. Any who...later that night. Around 8 or so . We rec. a call from this "Omega Lee" left a number of [protected] ext. 3711. My bf called because they were asking for him...In any event. They are stating that he owes a debt. Okay this very well might be. We asked for a letter. To MAKE sure this was ligit. She stated there has been letters sent out to a few address..Again mind you years ago. My bf was away for 5 years. So, hello he never rec any letter stating this info..He would have taken care of this matter as soon as he rec this letter. We have lived at this address for now one year. NEVER EVER rec any letter nor a phone call until last week. Our WHOLE thing is..Send us a letter. We have NO PROBLEM paying. All Rosa & Omega were stating was to give them a routing number or credit card. Again HELLO...NO ONE in this world is going to give that type of info w/out some type of proof. I called today spoke to Rosa...First kept talking over me. Then told me I am not getting it..What is there to get? Your stating to me that my boyfriend owes a dedt. I do have permission to speak with them. Keep that in mind. Because if they were talking to a 3rd party. That is a no no. And if there phone calls are recorded. THATS a BIG TIME NO NO.. They never did make me aware if that phone call was recorded or not. I asked Rosa several times for a letter. She stated that is not her job. Okay. well then WHAT is your job? Your leaving me a NOTE BOOK piece of paper in my door...Oh I left out this is NOT on my bf credit report. And this so called debt is OVER 8 years or maybe more now..Oh yeah forgot this --- Omege stated to me that she NEVER left a letter in our door reg to call her. I asked well this is your full name & both phones numbers to get in contact with you...I guess the ghost of debt collector left it..ALL I WANT IS A LETTER STATING THIS INFO...And IF it is ligit we will pay. No big deal. But if you want your money you will do your job. Rosa & this Omege need to stop and listen & send a LETTER. what is so hard about doing this? You have our currect address. Nobody knows who left this note in my door. Would u pay?


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