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Collection attorney / Ilegal judgment

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This slim ball need to leave this earth a long with his partner Matthew R. Aylworth. I fought with these guys for over 6 months on a case that should have never lasted a hour in court.They claim I had a card through Bank One that I racked up over 24thousand on I have never had even close to that much on a credit card or ever offered a credit limit that large.Right from the beginning I asked to see the contract naming me the card holder from day one he never could come up with one and that should of been the end of it right. No the Judge in Clackamas County let the case continue based on his statement there must be a contract some were or he would have never filed this case against me. So much for the courts looking out for possible identity or credit card fraud can you believe that. Any way the first thing he did was sent the case to Arbitration I filed paper work I wanted a court trial so what does he do he disreguarded my paperwork for a court trial and paid the $250 fee to put the case in to arbitration I was ordered to pay half of the $125.00 arbitration fee I continued to request a court trial the court said all fees were paid and the case was being sent to arbitration. I still told the court I wanted a court trial they did not care what I wanted. Daniel Gordon had a one sided arbitration hearing and was rewarded a judgment based on the fact that I did not show up for the hearing so he filed for a default judgment and received it even though there is paperwork stating I was against Arbitration hearings and wanted a court trial.Now he has a lean against my house and is going after my tax returns.I was railroaded by the court and Daniel Gordon this kind of stuff need to stop. The public people has rights and to courts should honor them.Call the number above and tell him what A-hole he is blow up his phone then maybe he want have any time to mess with other people like this. call right now!

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  • Wt
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Why on earth did you not show up for the hearing? Two knives short of a set here..

  • Gr
      26th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you show up for a Arbitration hearing after I requested a court trial you are agreeing to a Arbitration and weaving all rights to a court trail. The court was going to throw the case out and that is when Daniel Gordon went at a last ditch effort to the arbitrator and they did not contact me for that secret meeting and most likely bribed the hearing lawyer to rule in his favor and when the ruling is made by the Arbitrator and given by the judge to sign the court judge does not question the Arbitrators ruling even if he may have been paid off by Daniel Gordon behind closed doors in a private meeting I was not contacted about that meeting at all like all the other meets before that that I never went to and that was my right if the law was followed by the Arbitrator the case should have been thrown out or set for trial.To the end I did not agree to arbitration.For all I know when Daniel Gordon paid my half of the fees for Arbitration which I would have paid if I agreed to arbitration he might have forged my name on that doc. when the fee was paid to make it look like I agreed it I don't know for sure.

  • Si
      26th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Get an attorney to appeal it sound like maybe the judge was an no the judge is an idiot and he's probably getting a take of any incoming moneys theres a reason he was so anxious to pay for your fees.

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