Coles Supermarketscoles online

I placed an order online and was given a time frame of between 2_10pm. I checked order several times and was first given the time of 7pm that changed to 8pm and again a change to 9pm.i am a single mum with four young kids and five months pregnant and thought shopping online world be easier for me to do. I was not expecting to wait till 9pm and have the delivery show up to have the driver tell me payment did not go through and they would not except cash. Had I been sent an email or text or a phone call earlier in the day I could have made other plans. I was left unable to feed my children there dinner and would have nothing for breakfast. At such a late hour I had already had a baby asleep and was forced to wake him and have him screaming all the way to the service station just to be able to give my older kids something to eat. I don't think this is appropriate for your staff to do. If there is problem with payment going through can someone not call or email to allow alternative to this situation. One very unhappy customer who will be shopping elsewhere in the future

Nov 30, 2018

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