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At approximately 8.45 am I was using the self registry when I was just finished swiping my items and I was about to pay, when this female staff member came over and started doing things to my screen I asked her was there a problem and she replied ( yes I was watching you and you never swiped your salmon ). I replied that I did and she continued to do thing to the machine looking to see if I had scanned it . I felt so embarrassed that I was. Being treated like a criminal and there was a lady standing next to me giving me strange looks like I had just stolen something I was shocked and horrified that I was being treated like this . When this staff member seen that it had been payed for she just left without even saying sorry it was her mistake, nothing just turned and walked away . I have never been more embarrassed in my life, live in the area and do all my shopping at Coles I now feel I can't show my face there as I have been treated like a criminal and put on show by this employee from Coles. I went home and could not stop crying for hours after thinking about it I decided to ring the complaint department and made a complaint about this employee. After talking to complaint department I rang the wattle grove store manager Glenn Obrian and informed him of what happened he told me that the employee was sorry about how she handle the situation and she was wrong for doing what she did and that he had talked to her about what she did wrong and that he was very sorry. He then offered me a $20 store gift voucher . I told him that I was too traumatised and upset and felt like I could never show my face down there again after being treated like a criminal and put on show for everyone to see . When my partner arrived home that night I informed him of what had happened and he said he would ring the store managers the next day .At approximately 10.40 the next day my partner spoke with Glenn and informed him how traumatised and upset I was but my partner said he didn't seem interested in how I was and that he had spoken to the employee And that was it . My partner asked him if the employee was wrong for doing what she did and he agreed and that he was very sorry but when he was asked for the employee to say sorry he said he can't do that, my partner then asked if he had offered a $20 store voucher and he would not answer that . My partner then asked for the employee name and his name so as to make a formal complaint and he would only give his name . My partner then went on to express how unhappy we were with how this was handle and that we were going to go and make a official complaint about the employee and himself about how disrespectful and embarrassing it was for me to be treated like this . I would like this matter to be addressed urgently as I am contemplating legal action if I don't hear back from Coles . You can contact me on [protected] or at 72 Riverview rd pleasure point 2172 NSW Donna Cassone

Jan 30, 2017

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