Cole's Services Inc. / Crooked pet supplies seller. Needs to be banned from pet web sites

1 South lyon, MI, United States

Tammy lied to me telling me she had a like new bird cage for sale, less then 1 year old. giving me bad driving direction i drove 2 hours to this scanks house and was told "we are late for a baseball game do you want it or not within the first 3 minutes, i should have walked away. like a fool i trusted her and bought the bird cage at full asking price of $100.00. the second money was exchanged she left and drove off. i then discovered the cage was bent and mangled in many places along with rust and bird poop. broken non repairable locks, i contacted her to inform her of my findings, she said all sales are final then blocked me from contacting her. RIP OFF artist in the first degree, also a HUGE liar. do not buy anything from this women. she will scam and lie to you. Tammy Persichini-Cole don't forget this name when buying anything from this scam artist liar.

May 31, 2015

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