Coles Australind / terrible service

[email protected], Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

We are local to Australind. My husband and I are fair people however, since the store has insatlled more self service checkouts the customer service is dis-heartening. Since the dramatic changes in the store 3 times we have tried to be open minded however today was the last straw. We prefer to use a checkout that is manned with a person, each time we have used the store (since the change) we have had no option but to use the self service due to the long lines of trollies waiting at the checkouts. It is inconveinient if you have a fair bit in your trolley. Neither of us have the desire to be check out operators, so I guess it would explain why we always strike a problem where you need to wait for a CUSTOMER SERVICE person to clear the mistake usually a minimum of 2 visits to us, not to mention the wait each time you require the mistake to be cleared. Our problem was intensified by the continued very poor service we have received by a person called Tracey, unfortunately for us we seem to use the service when she is on. (1) she speaks to you in a very condesending way. (2) she does not offer an adequate response (3) she told us that we need to have flybuys to make a feedback on the service(4) when we questioned this she over spoke us and offered alot of excuses(5) she thought it was not a big deal that we would like to fill in a feed back form. I went to the customer service desk and the VERY VERY HELPFUL young lady that was on the 10 items or less checkout informed us what we could do to which was this site. She offered vouchers (how nice) for the inconvenience, we thanked her (declined the vouchers) and told her that we just simply wanted to feed back our disappointment. We love our little shopping centre, and always try to support it, however we feel that we do not wish to support your supermarket (which is our preferred store) and will opt for woolworths in Treendale which is a loner drive from where we live, (Coles is a few minutes from our house) We feel sad but we also feel that you deserve to know this. What was concerning while Tracey was performing her unhelpful service, many people around us commented that they too were not happy.This happened arounf 3pm today. You can contact me on [protected] should you like to respond .Thankyou yur once loyal customers Cheryl and Rob.

Jun 7, 2015

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