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I received a dress that had been backordered. I opened it and it had a noxious smell- much like gasoline. I believed I could get it out and I immediately took it to the washing machine and washed it. Dried it in the fresh air. The smell was almost 100% still there. I called customer service about a return and she told me (brightly) that I could not return it because I had washed it. She offered me a slight discount on a future purchase which I refused.
I have noticed lately that the gap is widening between good customer service and bad customer service. I have vowed to just quit purchasing from the the vendors who have poor customer service.
1. This is an unacceptable product, stinking of some chemical, and I'll bet mine is not the only one. No one even offered to check and see if there had been similar complaints.
2. I was not asking you to take my word, but offering to return it.
3. This was an expensive dress- money I threw away because I was accustomed to dealing with companies that stand behind their products.
I will be willing to discuss this although I have already tried.

Aug 06, 2018

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