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coffee / no sugar free, or decaf

1 Sycamore, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 630-750-1234

I am mad about the free coffee that is at mcdonalds on mondays..Well first of all the should have decaf for people like me who can not drink any drinks that contain caffeine, and for my two sons, and my boyfriend who are diabetics there should be sugar free coffees. I went for a coffee last week and the manager told me that they only had free coffees that contain caffeine. This really ticks me off, I feel that they should give free decaf to me and any other people on their mondays which is their free coffee days.

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  • Co
      5th of May, 2008
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    coffee - Kosher sign
    United States

    Ordered the sample for 25.00 and now I'm being overdrawn on my account because they charged me for another shipment when I have not gotten the samples yet.

  • Jo
      8th of Dec, 2008
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    coffee - Price
    Dunkin Donut
    New York
    United States

    I am a every day costomer a dunkin donut . I stop at any store to get what i want mainly a large Coffee . do yuo know that the price varies at every one off these store ' But thats not the problem ' these stores are owned by different people so i understand why the price varies BUT WHAT I CANNOT UNDERSTAND IS WHEN GAS PRICE WENT UP THE PRICE OFF COFFEE WENT UP OK THATS FINE BUT NOW THE PRICE OFF GAS IS GOING DOWN AT A FAST RATE WHY IS THE PRICE OFF COFFEE IS STILL AT THIS HIGH PRICE > I THINK THAT SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO GET RICH OVER NITE > BUT MAY I TELL TOU OWNERS OUT THERE WAKE UP AND TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE TREATED > THE WORLD HAVE EYES AND THE BUSH HAVE EARS WHAT GO AROUND COMES AROUND .I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN. YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME .I now make my coffee at home and its much cheaper .

  • Ch
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    You are absurded to think that McDonalds or anyother place should give out a bunch of different free coffees to people. Its already a nice of them to even offer such a good deal. Grow up, lifes not fair, I feel bad for your childern if they too are going to be raised based on the fact that everything in life is supposed to be fair. I do not like eating at McDonalds at all but, this is not right to make such a stupid remark about McDonalds. I think that they try to please their customers to the best of their ability. I just dont like their food personally, i only go their for their chicken nugget kids meal for my two boys. I think thats awesome that McDonalds is trying to entice more customers in with free coffee on Mondays, good thinking.

  • Ha
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    It's a FREE coffee, meaning. You get whatever they have on hand. It isn't "Oh look I won a free coffee of my choosing" it's a mass event. Basically getting rid of whatever extra junk they have.

  • Jv
      17th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes're complaining about free coffee?


    You typical lazy American, thinking that you're entitled to everything for free. You probably don't work either and just rely on the government to give you free handouts.

    Here's a thought, scrape together a few dollars, go to the grocery store and buy a can of coffee and make your own. Or are you too lazy to do that, too?

    It's free. You have no right to complain.

    People like you are why terrorists hate America.

  • Pa
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    coffee - over charge, charging without permission, charging us under another name
    Seattle coffee direct /Bellezza coffee
    41 e 500 s
    United States
    Phone: 435-580-9217

    I was ordering coffee with settle coffee for 5$ never got what i ordered just what they wanted to send me . the last few times our credit card was not excepted. the past 3 weeks my husbands unemployment card has 6 different charges on it. from both seattle coffee direct and a companey we never heard of bellezza coffee one of the charges we diddent use our computer that day. we r reciving unemployment and it hardley covers rent. we have 3 kids and would enjoy a nice cup of coffee cuz we cant afford it other wise i expect to be refunded the amount of $34.80 x6 =$208.80 and my unemployment card to never b charged again

  • Ar
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    coffee - seatle coffee direct and it's sister companies
    seatle coffee direct- metro coffee roasters- bella
    United States

    ever see Bellezza coffee and tea, or metro coffee roasters? well i got charged from them when I signed up with Seattle coffee direct.

    so i searched for those first two, and all i could find on them was here on the compaint boards.

    so, i got fed up and then searched for seattle coffee direct, and i got there website, which has there number on it, I also had the number from on the product they sent us, the purchace that I really did sign up for.

    so i call them up, and they hung up on my the first time, and then i called them back a second time and got ahold of a higher up, i explasined the situation and how there were these other two coffee companies. come to find out the reason why you cant find bellazza or mcr, is because they are sister companies of seattle coffee direct. in order to deal with them, you have to call up seattle coffee direct.

    Beware of seattle coffee as well, because even though you may sign up at a monthy shipment, call them up and make sure they do not have you signed up for a weekly subscription, they did this too us, and i cought them before they could send the second order out.

  • Di
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    I would like to retract my last post. I was in the middle of my period and was just cranky.

    please forgive me,

  • Th
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    Hi there i have just hhit the same problem ordered a sample pack and now getting deliveries every week..

  • Jo
      3rd of May, 2009
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    coffee - Kosher sign
    Seattle Coffee Direct
    Cumberland ,23040
    United States

    I was charged 38.95 twice in the last 3 days for something I did not authorize.This is a rip off for real.I have to stop this immmediately through my Bank

  • Ta
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    coffee - refund
    United States
    Phone: 866-7942030

    I puchased the initial order for $25.00 on 06/23/09. On the same day I was charged $38.95 for an order of coffee, the same on 06/25/09 and on 06/29/09. Three orders of coffee that I DID NOT ORDER but I immediately returned them and have been trying to get my refund. I am going to file a dispute with my credit card company today.

  • Mg
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    coffee - Kosher sign
    United States

    received items that I did not ordser. I called this company last year
    to complain. And they were supposed to take me off their list . I would like to be taken off you list.Any help would be appreciated.

  • Si
      28th of Dec, 2009
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    coffee - fraud/stealing
    Seattle Coffee Direct
    United States

    These people are liars and scam artist. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they sent the nicest email stating they gave a full refund (over $1, 000) and that they are an 'upstanding business' and work to do the right thing. Lie after lie. Not a penny in refunds and I have returned 7 bags of coffee. We had to close our account and open a new one because of these people. I looked into filing a class action law suit but it will take more than just me to do this...

  • Ch
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    coffee - illegal immigrants/coffee and rudeness
    dunkin donuts
    United States

    I was told from an ex employ that there are illegal immigrants that work there and he was cut because he was late . But they know that there illegal people working there. I also went threw the drive thru and heard yelling at the employs and when i was served my coffee the server was very rude... i also called in a nothing was done so im very upset that someone as high as that doesn't do anything about a store full of illegal immigrants and rude ones at that.

  • Ju
      14th of Jun, 2011
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    coffee - machines are always out of order
    New South Wales
    Phone: 0414203178

    most times when i go to get a coffee at North Goulburn Mcdonalds there coffee machine is either out of order or getting clean this can be at any time usually this happens around breakfast time or when i want a coffee to go to work with as i am a shift worker i feel that this matter should be adressed as i am starting to get sick of going through drive through and not getting my coffee or being told that i can park and go into the restaurant to get a cffee from the Mcafe if i wanted to do this i would not go though drive through.I would go to the store most times for my coffee but now i think twice before going and this means that i wont be eating there as well it is around a ten minutes drive and most times for nothing so now i go to the cffee shop down the road which only takes me five minutes and get somthing to eat as well i hope that you read this and try to deal with this matter.
    Mrs june miller

  • Ri
      11th of Sep, 2012
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    coffee - Hygiene
    Tim Hortons
    152 West Drive

    I am an everyday customer at this Tim Hortons but I mostly go through the drive-thru. Today I walked into the restaurant and noticed one of the staff wetting his finger on his tongue to help separate coffee filters. I found that to be disgusting. I walked right out and will probably not be back at this restaurant again. Where are the hygiene standards? Are the employee taught the importance of general hygiene?

  • Sa
      11th of Sep, 2012
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    need hygiene training

  • Cy
      12th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    At a Tim Hortons, I saw a girl picking her nose, then getting tim bits for a customer with out using those hand gloves. I have never stepped into a tim hortons since. Gross

  • Go
      12th of Nov, 2012
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    coffee - Kosher sign
    Coffee bean and tea leaf
    Washington St
    San Diego
    United States

    Was sitting quietly looking at my iPhone, then was viewing a framed certified kosher sign, then all of a sudden the employee came to me and accused me of not being kosher, threatened me, asked me to leave, and on the way out tried to flag down a cop and have me arrested for no reason. Just for looking at the kosher sign. I am Jewish, and took great offense to this. And the guy is still working there, and making life Hell for any Jewish guest or employee. The boss never comes out, and is never there monitoring the extreme racist employees.

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