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Posted: Jul 31, 2014 by Eri506
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Dallas, United States
I 'd like to tell you what happened to me today while flying with American Airlines. I'm a missionary in Mexico and once a year my family flies me and my 2 sons in to Dallas so that my parents can spend time with their grandchildren. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 18months infant. When my sisters purchased the tickets they purchased two tickets and one lap infant. Since this was an online purchase we had the information on our phones. When I arrived to the airport the lady at the counter greeted us with a non welcoming attitude. I went ahead and greeted her kindly hoping to soften or smooth the situation but she continued to be rude and told me I had to purchase a ticket for my infant. I told her I had the email/picture to show her. She said she saw in her system that on my flight from Mexico City to DFW I had been printed a ticket and I told her it was never given to me but that I had proof that a ticket was indeed purchased. She ignored me when I asked if there was someone else I could speak to that could help me (by this time both my boys were getting restless and frustrated because it was taking too long to get help and get our tickets). My sister finally convinced her to take a look at the email on her phone with the ticket confirmation number and she went on to start typing on her computer while speaking under her breath. Finally after maybe 20-25mins she handed my sister our passports and the tickets. My sister went back to the counter to ask if I could get assistance with our carry ons and the man she spoke to rudely told her that they were short staffed and did not offer those services. We've been told before to ask at the counter so that a family member can help put belongings in the boxes before going through TSA while holding 2 infants, however, in this occasion we were told that they did not have enough people and that there was nothing that could be done. My sister asked to speak to a manager but she was told there was not one in the building and that she'd have to call to complain. She started calling but I asked her to stop and that we should just spend time saying goodbye and to take a deep breath after having been treated so rudely. When it was time for me to go in, I had one child in a stroller and my other son next to me. I was trying to place our carry ons on the band, as well as our belongings, when an employee asked me to get my son out of the stroller. I asked him if there was someone available to help me because my son would run off if I took him down from the stroller and me running after him would have me leaving my other son unattended as well as my belongings. He laughed sarcastically and said, "No, you need to take your son out of the stroller and place it on the band. We don't offer that kind of service." I just bursted out crying at the rudeness and lack of help. I held my heavy son with one arm as I placed the rest of our stuff on the band and when I looked back my other son had ran off, passed the detectors with other people screaming at him to step back. A sweet and kind older lady from TSA must have felt sorry seeing me cry and trying to handle my kids so she helped me fold my stroller and get my belongings. She asked me for my ticket to see what gate we were directed to but seeing the chaos, I could not stop my tears from rolling down my face as I tried to get my belongings together and get my kids from running off. She then decided she would help me with our carry ons and walked me to my gate. She was truly an angel. I thought it was all over so I took a deep breath, wiped my tears and got to the gate ready to board. Once there, another employee rudely asked for my papers and went on to ask why I did not check in our carry ons, I went on to tell her they we're carry ons and more than anything my diaper and snack carry on. She went through our passports and said they were not valid because they didn't have my signature. I fly often and had never heard of such thing. At this point it just seemed like she was looking for any excuse to keep me off that flight. I asked where to sign and she rolled her eyes as she opened the page on the passport where I needed to sign. (Have in mind, I'm still trying to maintain my 2infants in peace and settled down.) She was extremely rude and lacked professionalism. I then walked towards the plane, hoping the unpleasant experience was over and that I would be able to sit with my kiddos and take a nap to forget how horrible our trip back home had been so far. I get to the plane door and asked someone for instructions of where I should leave my stroller. Before I could finish my sentence the flight attendant told me there was no more room for our carry ons or the stroller. I said, "Ok, but can you please direct me as to where I can leave my stroller?" By then my baby had ran inside he plane as I was telling my 3 year old to hold our carry ons so I could chase after the baby. They finally told me to leave the stroller and that they would tell someone to put in the plane. They seemed frustrated or annoyed the second they saw me with both my kids. One thing that saddens and upsets me is the eye-rolling, unprofessional behaviors and annoyances perceived by not one, but multiple employees of yours as soon as they saw me with my kids. That is wrong. You are happy to receive payment for a fully priced ticket for my 3 year old and the crazy expensive fees for my lap infant child, yet your service to mothers like myself is beyond horrible and discriminatory. I'm crying as I am writing this because I am saddened, hurt and disappointed. A mother deserves to fly and visit family with her children without being mistreated by employees with poor customer service skills. My family and I have flown with AA multiple times and this is just unacceptable. My children and I did not deserve this sort of poor treatment/service today.
This all did not end there. I arrived to my seats only to find out they were already being occupied. I asked the flight attendant what I should do because it was obvious my child could not sit away from me. The passenger sitting at the isle seat got upset and said he would not move and got irritated. We finally sat in our seats. The guy in the isle seat was annoyed with my infants moving and singing and decided to push the arm rest down. He hurt my arm so I asked him if it could stay up so that I could have better access in handling my children but he was upset and said no. As this was going on a flight attendant walked by and asked us to figure it out or that we would be kicked out of the plane. The passenger and I looked at each other and we settled it. He apologized and so did I, as he proceeded to tell me he had been having a horrible experience with AA since his arrival at the airport and I mentioned how my day was not going so well and out of nowhere the same flight attendant (lady that told me our passports were not valid) I had encountered earlier rudely asked me if everything was fine or if she was going to have to escort us out of our flight. The passenger next to me smiled and told her everything was fine and I did too. I believe there was no necessity for that sort of harassment. The guy and I were at peace. My kids were sitting and singing but not disrupting the peace or anything of that sort. Finally, we started to fly. I am guessing my boys were stressed from the long and horrible ordeal and my baby began to cry and scream. (He loves flying and was excited but I believe he became uneasy and afraid after the lady threatened to remove us from the plane.) He literally cried uncontrollably for 30mins and finally fell asleep crying in my arms. I dozed off for a couple of minutes but woke up soon after, having somewhat of an anxiety attack. I couldn't breathe and I just wanted to burst out crying because I was feeling beyond helpless with the entire experience I had gone through. I closed my eyes and said a prayer hoping to get home quick to my husband.
I am now at home and I still cry every time I think about my trip with American Airlines today. I am beyond disappointed. I received the worst service and felt like it was all because I am a mother traveling with 2 small children. If anything, a helpful hand should've been offered by your employees at the sight of a struggling mother/customer. I choose this airline always expecting quality customer service, but after today's experience I will reconsider my next trip with AA.

May 2, 2017

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