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for one the case they sent me did not look exactly like the one in the pic it looked like a knock off version the brushes wasnt the ones i ordered but they worked so i wasnt totally trying to nit pick with them but they keep stalling on my pro deluxe makeup kit i paid 169.00 using my paypal with and they claim it is on back order which i was not told to begin with and the case i got and the eye shadow i got which let me begin i paid over 500.00 for the case wasnt the same one no explanation there and it looked fake the eyeshadow glitter was messy and not the same one either it too looked like a knock off as did the brushes .but the pro deluxe makeup kit i ordered they still say is being back ordered which i probably wont even get the way they are acting i paid 169.00 for it and the way they are saying its not going to be the exact same one in the picture which is false advertising and i still have not recieved it and im afraid they wont even send it or they will try to send me their cheaper version which is only a 79.00 one. i used my paypal and already paid them for everythingtheir phone number i got is [protected] and the email on my paypal from them was [protected]@aol.comand another phone # was [protected] but the email they are replying through is [protected] which is odd and another email which i dont have on me anyhow 2 diff #s and 3 diff emails which they dont answer all the time like i said i did not get my makeup kit ill send the pic of what i did not get yet and i dont think they should be allowed to rip consumers off this way especially since i paid over 500.00 for all this stuff that was supposed to be proffessional

coco martinelli cosmetics

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  • Rw
      Aug 16, 2009

    these people are a fraud paypal let them have my money and now im out of a makeup kit and free gifts and extra cosmetics they promised me which i paid over 500.00 to begin with now paypal is letting them take 169.00 for their pocket from me neither will i deal with coco or paypal again coco will send everything seperate then when it gets to the last item they will tell you its on back order and then refuse to send it by proving to the paypal or credit card company with the tracking from your first item that you recieved everything when you did not paypal allowed these fradulent people to take my hard earned money im mad now im out of a makeup kit and free gifts and 169 .00ty coco for being a thief its bad enough the products i already got was not worth the money i paid coco should be shut down Buyer Beware dont buy from coco martinelli they are ripping people off and probably getting sun tans and vacationing off their customers

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  • Rw
      Aug 30, 2009

    TYhey still will not send my makeup kit they said they are not sending it I want my 169.00 back and paypal wont even help me this is a scandalous company that needs shut down there are other complaints if you type in coco you will see them too really getting mad .Rachel Pearson a ripped off consumer

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