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When I was contacted by these folks from this company I was under some strong medication that had my incoherent. I really have no idea to what I actually said to these folks BUT I do know that I called them on February 6, 2012 at 4:56pm eastern time and talked to Ms. Amber who was very unwilling to cancel these so what called agreement. I am not a wealthy woman and the bills I have leaves me with very little to buy gas and food to get back and forth to the doctor and to work when I am able. SOMEONE really needs to put stop to this type of scam, rip-off, illegal unsigned contracts these scam artist have going on. I was also told to get my finances in order and call them back in two months and I could get the bill reduced to a smaller amount but that still sets fire to my thoughts of how they are still trying to rip me off. I just want this account, expense, whatever you want to call it DELETED by law or by them just doing the RIGHT thing.

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      4th of Apr, 2012

    Hi there!
    This unfortunately happened to my boyfriend as well. They told him he had signed up for some time of promotional subscription years ago (they had his old address etc). They told him the promotional period had been over and they had been sending the magazines to his old address and he was locked in contract and had to pay. He argued he did not sign up for this and they threatened him with legal action if he did not give his information. He was scammed into it. As soon as he told me about it I began research. I advised him to cancel his current card # with his bank and advise them of what happened. ***NEXT IS THE IMPORTANT PART... THIS WILL GET YOU OUT OF THIS SCAM OF A CONTRACT and get their scamming ways noted! PLEASE file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! They will take the matter into their hands and give the company 30 days to respond. We did this and the company relinquished ALL charges and cancelled the account. I refused to attempt to even talk to the company themselves for fear they would use recordings to further manipulate this so called contract we had. Please file with the BBB. You can also file with your State attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission to get the word out. It doesn't take long and hopefully with enough people doing so it will shut crappy people like this down!!! Don't back down!! Do NOT pay them a dime!

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