Coastal Eye Group, P.C. / Over Billing

1 4055 Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, Murrells Inlet, SC, US
Contact information:
Phone: (843) 652-3937

I had a speck of metal in my eye, went to just a vision center, they gave me an exam and the doctor was only able to remove half of the metal by trying to swab it out. He sent me down the street to an eye doctor, saying that since he only does this a couple times a year it would be better having someone that does it more often. This vision specialist only charged me $20 total for all he did.

At the eye doctor, Coastal Eye Group P.C. in Murrells Inlet, SC, they wanted to do an eye exam, I told them no as I just had one 30 minutes prior, and that I have 20/20 vision anyway. Once again they said they wanted to do an eye exam, at this point as I am in pain I told them no and that it wouldn't do much anyway as my inflamed eye was already blurry. They stated again to do a vision test which they did after my THIRD protest. The vision test took all of 3 minutes, it was reading a chart and then tapping my eyeballs to do some sort of surface tension test (yeah, that was fun).

Then when the doctor finally came in, he did the EXACT SAME procedure as the vision center only he was able to remove the rest of the speck of metal. This doctor gave me no sort of medication, no eye drops, all he did was tape up my eye and send me on my way. Fine, problem solved.

Then I got the bill in the mail, they had the gall to charge me $90 for the vision test that I REFUSED three times, and then for the whole FIVE MINUTES the doctor was with me and for just swabbing out my eye, they bill me $225!!!

I was shocked at this, they never told me any sort of pricing, they just sent me a bill in the mail. I wrote a very nice letter to them describing everything and asking that they lower the bill. They sent me a new bill FOR THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT. They didn't even call me on the phone as I had asked.

In no way would I ever recommend them to anyone, it is unbelievable to think that around $300 just to swab out an eye and tape it up. It was Dr. Sloan that worked on my eye, they never even gave me his name, I only saw it on the bill.

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